Friday, January 13, 2012


Hola Beautiful Ones!

I hope that everyone's New Year is going as expected. And I know that you all are expecting the best. =) I'm sure that you've noticed how sporadic non-existent my posting has been lately. Outside of the "Good News Monday Quotes", they've become pretty rare. As usual, the New Year brings an upswing in my parental duties. But also, I have many things before me in my personal life that I feel need the extra attention which translates to more of my energies.

I'm not yet ready to say that I'll be closing the blog. Honestly, I've become so attached to interacting with many of you that I can't imagine that. I think, for now, a good strong hiatus may do. Yet in that same breath, I must admit that I do have my moments when I just want to walk away from it. And no, it's not a blogging burn-out thing. I've been contemplating this off-and-on for a while now. Even more, lately. And it's not just blogging, this includes facebook and twitter. It could just be a phase or simply a need for me to take a break from it all. I'm thinking an electronic or social networking detox. I dunno. I still may continue to drop the G.N.M. quotes. It's hard for me not to share those.

Let me also say that this will be easier said than done. But I feel it to be so necessary. Again, I enjoy interacting with everyone but I must take this time. I'm not sure when (or if)  I'll pick it back up. But I do believe that with this pause, I will get some clarity as to what I will do in the long run.

Peace, Love & {{Hugs}},


  1. I feel you CO. Thats exactly where I am. I don't think I'll be back to blogging, I'm pretty much over it. I get bored with things from time to time. Whatever you decide, do keep in touch you can find my email over @ AuNaturale. Take care and the very best to you :))


  2. I for one enjoy coming to your blog but i also understand there are many other things in life you could be doing. Thanks for all of the information you have disseminated through your blog. I tried green smoothies because of you! I have also been introduced to other blogs because of your blog. Good luck with your decision. Since we aren't exactly friends per se, I can't really say keep in touch, but let us know how you're coming along...with life liberty and the pursuit of happyness. Take care

  3. AW, I totally feel you on this, sis. Style Pantry is coming up on 3 years next month, and shutting doors has come up quite a few times, but like you, I feel obligated/attached and the feeling that I will be letting the readers down.

    I don't think you should close shop. I think you should take a break like you said. Sometimes, you just need to walk away from a situation for clarity.

    You have been and will always be an inspiration.

    Love you.

  4. @Au Naturale - Thanks Lady! I'll definitely be in touch.

    @Melanese - Thanks Melanese. So glad to know that I inspired you to take that leap with green smoothies!

    @StylePantry - Hey Sweetie! Thanks! So happy that I've been an inspiration. And I must say, I feel the same about you.


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