Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hi Beautifuls!

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the season. Of course, this time of year comes with quite a few of us reflecting on 2011 and what we look forward to in 2012. Myself included, I've compiled a list of things I've realized over this year and the things that I am looking forward to doing in 2012.

Like to hear it. Here it goes:

  • That fasting is necessary for me to keep my focus. - Not only are they a time of physical detox but they are crucial to my focus. And seeing as my focus was off this year (least by my standards), I am bringing them (fasts) back in 2012. Aside from keeping me on the path of eating my best, they also allowed me time to think, meditate and get centered with my life.

  • It's okay (and necessary) for me to take some downtime. Seems like I have been sick half of 2011; this is a first for me. It is definitely a reflection on my diet and on the before mentioned point. It also goes back to me needing to meditate and allowing my body to rest. Sadly, I can count the number of times I practiced yoga in 2011 on one hand. Often, I feel like I'm losing (or wasting) time by chilling. I am sure this is fueled by my tendency to be a bit impatient. In reality, these times are needed for my body, mind & spirit to rest and rejuvenate.

  • For running to remain a staple in my regimen so that I can successfully run the Peachtree Road Race, non-stop. And to run & complete a half-marathon.

  • To continue to expand my awareness of other ethnicities, religion, cultures & races through cuisine (lol) and relationship. I am so tired of the division that people put between eachother. The bottom line is people are people. Screw all the stereotypical assumptions. We really can learn a lot from eachother, gain a new bff or love of your life. Just sayin'.

  • Take those 1st steps to getting back into school and just do it. Been dragging my feet way too long on this one.

  • To make giving more a part of who I am. I dream of doing that Oprah-type giving.

  • To surround myself with more positive, open-minded people who believe in continued growth and learning.

Okay Luvs. It's your turn.
What are some lessons you've learned from 2011? What are looking forward to in 2012?

Btw, I'll be back to blogging next year. See in 2012!


  1. Hey CO!:)))..I just love this list you've put together for us. I am with you enough of the sterotype division we often has between us, its getting old already... it does nothing for the growth , in fact it will keep those who allow it in keeping them stuck. As for me I don't make new year resolutions...I just work on things as I go along (lol). I truly wish you the best in all you've mentioned some:))

    Take care,


  2. @Zainab1 - Hey Lady! Thanks! Wishing you the best always!


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