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Cheetarah of ThunderCats. Ho-o-oh!!

Hi Lovelies!

Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing many dynamic women for my Heroine Entrepreneur series. One of these heroine's was a Demeka Scott, owner of Healthy Living Journey. During these interviews, I asked the women many questions including how they got started, where their inspiration & motivation came from, advice they'd give out and what their future plans were for their business.
Demeka Scott, the Savvy Kitchen Beautician

Here's a snippet from Demeka's interview:

12. Is there anything new & exciting that we can expect from your business in the future?

Yes, this year we will be adding some new items to our product list. We also plan to have our products showcased around quite a few spas & salons in the Atlanta area. I look forward to gaining more personal clientele that I can grow with. :-)

Well, on last week, Demeka contacted me to let me know how the words (and hard work) she put out there have come to pass and then some. Check it right here.

Not only did I showcase my items and add new items...I opened a store :-) This month I am running a promotion that I think your readers would enjoy (freebies) at

Oh my God!! I'm so happy & excited for her!! Congrats to you, Demeka!
So let's revisit Demeka Scott, to get more deets on what's going on right now.....

So a lot has happened since our last interview. First, let's find out what new products you've added to your store.
Tell us about your new product line, the inspiration & idea behind it.

The name of my new line is "Goddess Collection."
I selected 6 Goddessess to pay homage to, through my Dead Sea Salt Baths.
Goddess Isis - the famous Egyptian Goddess, her most important roles are Goddess of life and magic.
Goddess Oshun - the Yourban Goddess of fresh water and orisha that sustains life.
Goddess Aphrodite - the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.
Goddess Yemaya - the Yoruban Goddess of the living Ocean, considered the Mother of All.
Goddess Lakshmi - the Hindu goddess of love and beauty who brings wealth.
Goddess Uzume - the Japanese Goddess of laughter and celebration.

Each Goddess Bath Salt has its own color (Which happens to be natural colors. No synthetics here.) and its own special seductive scent. My inspiration came from within. This was my way of manifesting a desire for expressing the Goddess in me. I also added a few more items but I am most proud of the Goddess Collection.

We know of your online store but what about the location of your physical store?
I am located in Hiram, GA (West of Atlanta).
3595 Hiram-Douglasville Hwy
Suite 235
Hiram, Georgia  30141

You mentioned offering ChocolateOrchid readers a promotion from your store. What might that be? ;)
This month I have a promotion going on for those that sign up on my site. You get a 25% off coupon for any Jamion product, a dry body brushing report and a free sample of my prized Dead Sea Mud (dry) Mask.

I'm so loving the thought behind the Goddess collection. I'm totally fascinated and geeked on trying it out!

Btw, here's a video of Demeka showing you how to use her mud mask.

Can't wait to try her new product line and more!

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