Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hi Lovelies!

Just wanted to drop a quick post on my running, which has been non-existent for the past few weeks. Since I'm back to feeling good, I've been fast-walking. I plan on incorporating some real running in with my next walk and hope to do a full-out run on the following time. I'm still considering participating in the Thanksgiving Day 5K. It all depends on how my personal runs go.

After finishing the run of antibiotics, I've incorporated probiotics into my diet to combat candida(yeast). I also re-purchased my multi-vitamins and bought some Paul D'Arco tea which, I've read, is good for killing off yeast. And *sighs* will be letting go of bread and cutting the sugar down. Honestly, not ready to fully commit to cutting it totally out. For me it's the hardest part because, according to the candida-free diet, fruit is a no-no on the list. Sheesh! I love fruit. Btw, I'll post on the candida-free diet next week.

Speaking of probiotics, someone asked me which ones I'd recommend. For the past year and a half, I've been using the Jarrow brands, Jarro-Dophililus EPS. They do a great job and don't have to be refrigerated. So they're really convenient for travel. Love that!
And in case your interested, my fav multivitamins:

I've started this regimen earlier this week. I'll begin drinking the Paul D'Arco tea this weekend. So I'll certainly keep you posted on that. This will be my first time drinking it.

Wishing you the best health & wellness.


  1. Sounds great!...Thanks for the update. Best of health and wellness to you as well!:))

    Take care and have a fabulous weekend:))

  2. Wait, what is the candida diet? Deets, pls :)

  3. @Style Pantry - It's basically designed to starve/kill the yeast. And yes, it lacks some things that most people (including myself) love. Lol. Definitely posting details on this this week.

  4. CO, since you are using the Garden of Life multi, why not their Primal Defense Ultra as your probiotic. I think it's a better formulation - double-check, but I don't see that it needs to be refridgerated either.

  5. @TQ - Thanks for that info. I've seen their Primal Defense but never tried it. Will definitely look into it.


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