Friday, October 14, 2011


That statement cracks me up every time; Kenny Burns (a popular ATL radio personality) says it. As comical as I find it, there's still some seriousness to this statement. And yes, I'm speaking beyond the pleasure principle of it. Hey! Did Janet Jackson's classic video for that song just pop into your head, too? Lol.
Seriously though, as we all know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. And this particular year, I am more painfully aware of it. I recently, as in last week, visited an old co-worker of mine who survived a bout with breast cancer some years back. Last week, I found out that the cancer had come back, with a vengeance. It had spread to different parts of her body including her cerebral fluid. When I went to visit her she was in a rehab sessions, so I wrote her a quick note, letting her know I'd return on this week to sit with her.
I was really looking forward to hanging with her. She was the one who let me have a kitten for my daughter sixth Christmas. You know. The kitty I fell in love with. She was also the person who hipped me to I actually went with her to her first meetup because she didn't want to go alone.
Unfortunately, she didn't make it. This was heartbreaking news for me. Especially, given the fact that there were/are other current and recent losses of life within my circle of friends.
Lovelies, please don't take this as a somber post. Yes, my heart aches. And granted, these events do not particularly give me joy. But they do sharpen my awareness of.... just how precious life is. How important it is to live life to the fullest. ....On terms that you happy. To be present in every moment. Death, yet again, reminds me of these things.

I'm also reminded that I'm important enough to take care of myself. And yes, you most certainly are, too!  Yes, we all are! That yes, it's absolutely okay to touch yourself. Especially, when you're checking for lumps, cysts, changes in your skin or whatever. Check yourself. Touch yourself. Speaking of which, click the link below to learn how to give yourself a proper self-exam.
I'm definitely in an introspective state of mind. There are many things that I'm working on that I don't even bother speaking about cause quite frankly, I'm tired of talking about 'em. I'm tired of picking & pulling things apart. Ruminating over the same 'ole  sh&t . All the energy that goes into all that, least for me, tends to get wasted on that and is tiring. It's time to do. It's time to focus on "doing".

So what do you say?.. Let's just do it.
With love,
Rip Kim. Rip Anne.  Peace be with you in your transition, Miss B.


  1. A friend's mom just found a mass in her breast. Early detection is key, ladies. A breast exam is such a quick and easy thing to do and could save your life.

  2. Yes indeed ladies...let's do it, get those self exams and mammograms done if needed. Early detection is key and possibly a life saver. We must continue to encourage one another in doing so. Very beneficial post , thanks for posting and spreading the word.

    take care,

  3. so sorry about your co worker. one my mom's best friends had breast cancer and we do as much as we can to spread awareness, especially this month!


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