Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"HAT"-LICIOUS 2011/2012

Hi Beautiful Ones!

Now that we can see (and feel) a definite change in our seasonal weather, a lot of us are contemplating or have already begun implementing protective styles and other changes to manage our hair. But just in case you're like me and get a little board with the lovely buns & other styles, you can always liven it up with a great hat. Yes. I've caught the fever for hats.

For whatever reason, I'm sprung on them and plan on wearing them often this Fall/Winter season. Here are the ones that I've purchased so far, and some that I already had.

My ole faithful pageboy. It's a nice army green-like color that can act as a neutral, in that it goes with most any color I wear. I purchased it a few years ago from Tarjay. =)

Here's another faithful hat of mine. It's a tam I purchased from some random beauty supply store. It's your basic black that I've worn on many an occasion to hide a conditioning cap while running errands. Haha! Gotta love it!

You can actually see my scarf peeking out from under it. Btw, I tend to keep a scarf on under the hats that can draw moisture out of your hair, like wool or cotton. If it's already lined, then I skip that.

Aww, yes! One of my new babies! I had to buy this fedora for the simple fact that I love this freakin' color! Gotta get some more orange in my life. ;) This was also purchased at good old Target.

Introducing my new love. This burgundy floppy. *Sighs* I think I'll name her "Velma". Mmhmm. I saw this and knew I had to have it. Also purchased from Target.

And yes, I was all up in Target snapping pics. Haha! You know how we do. Had to share my fashion finds with my fashionista bestie.

Although I'm sure, this can work with a skirt, I keep picturing myself rocking this with a fall maxi dress & boots. Yes indeed.

Btw, all of these hats were purchased at price points under $20. We all love being fabulous, but we love it even more when its on or under budget. Am I right??...

So do you have a hat agenda for this Fall/Winter season?


  1. Girrrrrrl that fedora, and floppy hat is SHARP!!!!, and you are rocking the heck out of them both!!!...I am lovin it!!!

    I am thinking about buying a floppy hat my self, I've always loved them, they are haute!

    Thanks for sharing, take care


  2. I like the fedora too - but pageboys are my favorite :o)

  3. OMG - I love all the hats on you. Especially the last two.
    I see you rocking a denim shirt. It looks absolutely gorg on you.

    Sorry I have been MIA on here. Schedule got tight :(

  4. @Zainab1 - Thanks Lady! I say, "Go for it"!

    @Laquita - Yes, I love that pageboys can come in so many styles & colors.

    @StylePantry - Haha! Yes, girl. You inspired me to get a denim shirt. Thanks! And I totally understand, Luv.

  5. Not a big hat fan but I'm diggin' Velma and the fedora.

    I always say I'm gonna learn to do a proper head wrap for cooler weather but I've yet to do so.


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