Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Public Enemy

Hi Gorgeous Ones!

We've reached mid-week status, and I hope that everyone's journey to it so far has been enjoyable & pleasant. I was totally going to post about something else today (Oh, if you only knew how often this happens. Lol.) but decided to go with another topic, in lieu of so many folks coughing, sniffling, wheezing & sneezing right now. Myself, being recently included in this group.

And no. Against the wishes of my well-meaning mother, I never went to the doctor. My crappy feeling, slight wheezing, stuffiness- gone. Only a slight drip remains and my sense of smell is back and in full effect. Thank God! Sucks not to be able to smell.

Btw.... disclaimer coming:
I am not a doctor, nurse or in any way a medical professional. Nor do I work for or in the medical field. I am also, in no way dissing doctors and/or their practice. I am simply sharing with you what I have and am doing to combat my personal cooties. The end.

I wanted to tell you what else I did, outside of taking it easy, getting enough sleep and the occasional neti pot/nasal spray & decongestant combo. Yes, I hit up the medicine cabinet.  I purposely sought out information on natural decongestants and bronchitis combatants. After hitting up my book on essential oils, The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Worwood, I went to foods. And by the way, I'll be sure to share with you one of the essential oil recipes I use when my nose is stuffy on tomorrow.

I have been a heavy user of lemons and recently purchased some more citrusy fruits, like oranges and pineapple. Let me share with you why.

The Food Connection

  • Foods have a direct impact on the sinuses and mucus. Dairy foods increase mucus production while fresh fruits and vegetables aid in the elimination. Drinking teas can also aid in the elimination of excess mucus. The temperature of consumed foods can also make a big difference. Cold foods constrict the passageways, while warmed foods thin and open airways. Thinning the mucus makes elimination possible.

A Perfect Fruit for Sufferers

  • Pineapple is a boon to asthmatics and sinus sufferers. The key element in pineapple is the bromelain. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins. It can aid the body heal from bronchitis and pneumonia as well. Fresh pineapple properties also act as anti-inflammatory agents, which can also reduce the swelling in air passages, making breathing easier and aiding in elimination.

Other Mucus-Relief Fruits

Other fruits, while not containing bromelain, have vitamin C properties. Vitamin C in adequate dosages can prevent or lessen the effects of a cold. All citrus fruits are natural boons to allergy and cold sufferers. Grapefruit in particular reduces salt in the body and will speed elimination of thick mucus and swelling, as it is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Other vitamin C bonanzas are lemons, limes and oranges. Try squeezing a slice of these natural mucus warriors into every glass of water. Fresh lemons squeezed into hot water will loosen phlegm. Fresh watermelon juice is effective at reducing toxins and symptoms.


  • Fresh vegetables should be a mainstay in a healthy diet.
    Vegetables provide a wonderful defense against mucus and nasal allergies. Unlike other over-processed foods, fresh veggies abound in sinus-friendly dietetic choices. A steaming vegetable soup filled with fresh vegetables can significantly make the mucus move along and dissolve. Some vegetables with powerful elimination properties are asparagus, onions, cauliflower, celery and garlic. Fresh green vegetables are better immunity boosters, as they contain chlorophyll. Fruits do not contain this powerful antioxidant.

Warm and Spicy

  • Spicy foods help thin mucus.
    Heat dissolves mucus. Warm pureed soups of vegetables are a delicious and soothing way to remove mucus from the body. Turn up the heat with spices like garlic and pepper. The lungs lie just above the digestive track and the heat of these will aid in elimination. Another aid is ginger and a pinch of it in a daily diet may chase the mucus away. Reduce sugars and salts as seasonings as these increase mucus production. Season foods with herbs and spices. Herbal teas aid as well.

Foods to Avoid

  • Concentrate on fresh fruits and vegetables. The main food group to avoid during a bout of sinusitis is dairy. Removing milk during this time can slow down mucus production. Cheese and yogurt should be avoided as well. Stick to whole grain breads and avoid refined sugars in white flour and bread. Chocolate, with its high concentration of refined sugars, should be avoided as well. Yeast products should not be a part of the diet during a cold. Instead, focus on lightly steamed fresh vegetables, whole-grain rice and fresh fruit. Canned vegetables and fruit are cooked during processing, losing much of the nutritive value. Canned foods uses salt as a primary preservative--fresh is better.


So basically, I've been drinking water in amounts that can only rival water-boarding, avoiding dairy, using steam inhalation with essential oils, adding warm & hot spices to my foods (Yay!) and eating more citrusy foods, including pineapple. Oh, its such a hard life. Lol.

Check it here, regarding my fighting method.

Come back tomorrow for my steam inhalation drop-kick for stuffy noses. Lol.

Peace and {{hugs}},


  1. Really great post!..thanks for sharing :0)

    take care

  2. I'm happy to hear that pineapple makes the cut...yum!

    And I really need to increase my vegetables. It's hard eating healthy foods when you're broke :-(

  3. i love spicy food & vegetables!


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