Thursday, October 6, 2011

FIGHT THE POWER!! {part deux}

Public Enemy

Kon'nichiha Lovelies!

Yes, in my mind, I'm multi-lingual. Lol. I'll get there one day.

Hope that all is well with everyone. I do usually work to post earlier in the day, but today has been very busy for me. In yesterday's post,  I mentioned sharing my essential oil blend for the steam inhalation method that I've been using.

It's very simple. But before I share it, I need to stress that it's very important to use essential oils properly and safely. I strongly rely on the book, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Worwood. It's very easy to read and the instructions are simple. I actually got the blend that I'm sharing with you today from that book.

This particular blend is for sinusitis (stuffy noses included).
3 drops of Rosemary e.o.
1 drop of Thyme e.o.
1 drop of Peppermint e.o.

Add this to hot water for the steam effect. I always cover my head above the water when doing this. And I inhale as best as I can through my nose.

I tend to improvise by using my daughter's facial steamer instead of a pot. I believe she received it as a birthday or Christmas gift some years ago. We used it for awhile and then....forgot about it. Until that is....

It's not this exact one, but is similar to the pictured one below.
There's also one that I began using as a oil blend to apply to my face which is pretty good. I'll have to put that one in another post. Unfortunately, I can't recall it right now.

Hope this is of some help and relief to someone.

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  1. I like this idea! seems very beneficial.

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