Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hi Lovelies!
As promised, I am posting pics of my twist-out from my "interesting mix". In all honesty, my expectations were somewhere between none existent to low. So I'm actually impressed with the results.

Here's how it came out.
My hair was slightly damp, in the back, from my morning run but still came out pretty nice.
Funny story behind this twist-out. I ran early Saturday morning, came home planning do a quick clean-up to take my daughter to get her learner's drivers license. When I got home from my run, I discovered that she was still sleep and wanted to get up later like 10 am. Typical teen. Keep in mind that the place closes at 12 on Saturdays.  But since its not far from us, I knew it would be a quick drive. So I let her sleep. And in the process, I chilled for a minute. Yes, in all my funky glory. Lol.

She gets up at 10 and we're both having to hit the shower. I hop in after she's done with hers. During my shower, she knocks on the door to tell me that she has to be there by 11:15 to be served.  Ummm, and why did you not tell me this earlier? Better yet, why didn't you just go on and get up earlier? Thinking too much like a mom?.. Hm-kay.

So we get there in time and she's filled out her paperwork. I've signed where necessary only to find out that I have to get a new license. Why? Hadn't updated my license since we've moved. And for my teen to get her learners, the address that she wrote down and the one on my license had to be the same.  Which meant, I had to take another picture. Ruh-roh! Jesus be a lace-front!! My 6-day old, frizzed & sweaty-from-running twists were not cute. Yes, I stepped out the house like that. Sue me.  So yes. My current license has me smiling like a beauty queen with a "side-eye" worthy hairdo. Well, at least my smile looks good. Lol.

Okay. Back to the hair...

Now I wouldn't put my results up there with Jane Carter Solutions Twist & Lock or Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme. My mix's moisture level isn't quite up there with those two products. But it definitely comes close.

The definition wasn't bad either. Especially, given the fact that it was still a little damp.

What do you all think?......


  1. I love it!... great results! your hair is pretty. Thanks for sharing your results. P.S. ( I cant wait for my first born which happens to be my daughter to get her license:0)

    Take care , zainab1

  2. Thanks Zainab1! I am surprisingly pleased myself.

    Hope that you share the experience of your daughter getting her license. I'd love to hear about it. =)

  3. You are so beautiful and your hair looks absolutely fabulous. xx


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