Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hola Peeps!

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor  Day holiday. Mine was low-key which equals wonderful for me.

Since I have yet to make my way to Sage Naturalceuticals for some Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling creme, I’ve been venturing on the DIY tip.  I'm trying to find combo’s with products that I already have so I'm trying to use up some things I have at home. May need to do a giveaway. ;)

Anyhoo, I happened to be reading this post by Shelli, of Hairscapades, who mentioned using a mixture of ecostyler gel and shea butter to smooth her hair down. So-o-o-o-o, since I already have these items in my possession, I decided to give it a try.

First, I mixed the Olive Oil Ecostyler gel with my shealoe (shea butter, aloe vera gel & oil) mixture. It turned out fine but with little lumps here and there because of the stiffness my shealoe mixture. I just emulsified the lumps into the  mix and then applied it to my hair like any other gel-like product. The results were good. My hair was set in place, yet soft. I’m always concerned about gel making my hair rock-hard but this mix proved to be fine. Aside from the lumpiness of it, I liked it.
Olive Oil Ecostyler gel

Then I finally decided to twist up my hair again. So I needed some more of my make-shift holding product. This time, I mixed the same Olive Oil Ecostyler gel (Lord knows, I got enough to last til 2015) with  Natural Oasis Shea Hair & Scalp Butter. This butter is a lot more pliable than my personal mix which made it a breeze to smoothly mix in with the ecostyler gel.
Natural Oasis Shea Hair & Scalp butter

My mixture of the two. Uh, you do not see a hair. No?...  I tried. *shrugs* My bad.

Trying to show the texture of the mixture here.

This mixture felt kinda funny while I was applying it to my sectioned hair for twisting. But when I spritzed my hair w/a little more water, it helped. So far, my hair feels (and looks) great. It’s touchably soft, not greasy. Not stiff or hard.  But just right.  I would venture so far as to say that my hair feels  almost the same as if as when I’ve used twisting products like Darcy’s MVSC (mentioned above) or Jane Carter Solutions Twist & Lock.  Almost but not far from it. The big test comes when I take the twists down for a twist-style.

I promise to take and post pics whether the outcome is good or bad.
Have any of you ever done a mix similiar to this?....


  1. Hey there CO,

    That sounds great!....In fact I do a Eco styling gel mixture that I adore. It consist of Eco tyling gel "Pink", Aloe juice , joba oil and a bit of castor oil and peppermint EO. I simply love this mixture..its easy on the pockets. I can make a large batch of it and put in the refrig. And it makes my curls shine, smooth... hold and soft to the touch....just like what you've made.

    It's great when we find a mixture that our hair likes :)). In fact I think I will share my gel recipe on my blog as well.

    Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see those pics. Take care,


  2. @Zainab1 - Ooh, I love your mix! I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your mix!

  3. Hi Chocolate Orchid!! I'm glad the combo worked out for you! I hope it worked on the release and will be looking for update pics:). And, I agree, Zainab, your mix sounds awesome! I have all of those ingredients ... other than the pink Eco ... at home! Hmmmm. Will have to give that a go sometime! As to the eco lasting forever ... seriously, I got that massive tub last year and thought I would never use it up, but it's almost halfway gone now! I have found it to work well for smoothing my edges for updos, which I wear 90% of the time. I never would have guessed when I bought it! They didn't have the smaller tubs and it was on sale and the lady encouraged me saying that I could return it if I didn't like it ... and Sally's is walking distance from my house. So, I got it ... and it's proven to be a staple. Go fig! LOL!


  4. @Shelli - Okay. Maybe that's how they sell it, in those large tubs. I was feeling a bit silly for having such a big size and a little concerned that I'd end up wasting a lot of it.

    Thanks for coming thru. I'll definitely be posting pics.


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