Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hi Lovelies!

Okay, so I'm 24 hours late with this hair post. Lol. Sometimes it's like that. *shrugs*

So I'm talking about my personal mix...again. I am so thrilled with the addition of aloe juice to it. My hair is so freakin' soft. I know you can't tell from the pic, but trust me on this one. I loooooooove touching my hair. Trying not too but can't help it.

I even used this mix on my daughter's hair last night, since she wanted to wear a braid-out today. This morning her hair was so friggin' soft. I'm telling you, Aloe Vera juice is the bizness!! Don't sleep on it!  Zainab1, I can't thank you enough for dropping that nugget.

Also, on a great note, I am feeling so much better. I swear, the human body amazes me. God was not playing when he made us! Within a weeks time, I went from feeling like I might need to be on a ventilator to being able to smell and exercise. =) I'm still taking it easy as far as getting back into running. I went walking yesterday. And will do the same on Thursday with the addition of some running. But the major point is I'm feeling more & more like myself everyday and didn't have to drop a dime at a doctors office or get on some crummy, yeast stirring antibiotics. Yay me!! Lol.

On a seriously non-related note, in last weeks "Tuesdays Are For Tresses" post, I asked if anyone knew where I got the phrase, "Yay me!!" from. KiNkYnEsT guessed right with her answer, "London, from Zach & Cody". For those of you who may not know, this was/is a Disney or Nickelodeon show.
This was not a giveaway question, but I do want to give KiNkYnEsT a little something just because. So shoot me an email at ChocolateOrchid08@gmail so that I can send you something from my stash.

And speaking of giveaways, please don't forget about my Favorite Things giveaway. You have until 9 pm EST,  this Sunday, Oct. 2 to get in on it.

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  1. Your hair looks sooo soft and hydrated. I am so glad you liked the added aloe...girl I can't and wont go without it(lol). I am super happy your feeling better:0)

    take care



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