Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My interesting mix

Hi Beautiful Ones!

I hope that everyone is well. I've been sick hence the lateness of this post. Hit me like a ton of bricks Sunday afternoon. But I am getting better. Yay me! (Btw, does anyone know where I got that "Yay me" line from? Just came to me that I may be the only one who gets tickled at that.) I've been taking it easy today and will work on doing so for the rest of this week. Tried to yesterday, but with a kid, that can be a difficult thing to do.

Remember my post, "An Interesting Mix" and its outcome, "Interesting Mix Results"? Well, after reading Zainab1's blog post on her "One Serious Combination", I decided to add aloe vera juice to mine. I figured that was the missing ingredient that would add more moisture to my mix.

So I ended up adding 1 Tablespoon of the juice to it. Mixed it up good and put it in the refrigerator since it now contains something that could spoil if left out.

Here are the pics of my twists. Please note: these were taken w/my bb phone so the quality may be iffy.

I could definitely tell a difference when putting the mix sections of my hair while twisting.

How I wish "touchavision" was available because my twists feel sooooo good.

I probably won't take them out until Saturday or Sunday. But I'll be sure to posts more pics regardless of the results. Shout out to Zainab1 for sharing her mix ingredients!

Btw, on this Friday I will be posting the giveaway details. There will definitely be two separate giveaways. But I am considering a third. =)

Thanks to everyone for sharing in my world!


  1. I am so happy to hear you are liking your 'intersting mix" w/ the added addition. Doesn't the aloe help with moisture , I can not go without Aloe vera in my house (lol)

    Your hair looks great ! , I can not wait to see the end results:0)

    Thanks for sharing CO, And feel better soon.


  2. @Zainab1 - Honey, I had no idea aloe was that powerful. Love it! And thanks.

    @MissCherie - Thanks Lady!

  3. London from Zach& Cody says that lol. Your hair looks great!

  4. @KiNkYnEsT - Yes! Great to know someone gets it. Lol!


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