Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Good Morning Gorgeous Ones!

Awhile ago, I spotted an updo on Confessions of a Blog Vixen that I adore. I would love to try it! And do plan to. Right after I shake off this lazy hair mode I'm in. I just do not feel like twisting my hair. Seriously! I'm a total bun-whore right now. I know, I just made that one up. Lol. Just gonna have to force myself to do it.

And btw, the 2nd big chop will wait til spring of 2012. Not quite ready so I'm not gonna push it. It's got to be a natural flow to my choices, decisions & actions.

Anyhoo, here's a pic of the lovely hairstyle done by & on WestNDNbeauty.
WestNDNbeauty's updo from Confessions of a Blog Vixen
Gorgeous! You can see more pics of her updo here.

And simple to do. She did this style to salvage an old braid-out and hold her over to her wash day.
You can watch how she did it here.

You can check out & subscribe to her youtube page here.

Til tomorrow,


  1. Yes!! I am loving this! What a great style on hot humid days!

  2. I hope you do it, it is fun to do the big chop again:) Also, this would be so cute on you chica!

  3. @Miss Moon - Yes, it would be! I gotta try it.

    @MissCherie - Oh, I plan doing both. Thanks for coming thru.


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