Friday, August 5, 2011


Happy Friday Beautiful Ones!

Over the last weekend, I fond myself doing something that I'm slightly embarrassed about. Dare I say a little ashamed of yet tickled by. I suppose we all have things that we do that we'd be rather slow to admit, or even deny. As I reflected on my list of these things, I thought it a bit funny and decided to share.
Because surely.... I'm not the only one.

So here goes. My short list of things that I'm a lil' embarrassed about.

1. Going to Starbucks more than once a day. Yes, I have issues. Lol.

2. My fondness of sexy lounge music. You know. That kinda "trippy" sexy sounding music. Lol. Yep. I like it. Btw, I would've posted an example but my internet service is soooooo s-s-s-l-oooo-ow.

3.  Sometimes I adhere to the 5 second rule. *Update: When recently watching an old episode of the Food Network show "Food Detectives", I learned that bacteria, including salmonella, can accumulate on food within 5 seconds. Especially, the more porous the food is. Just so you know.

4.  My over-grown behind is still trying to cop some of Beyonce's dance moves.  Let Bey's "Run the World (Girls)" come on and you can be sure I'm trying to get those opening moves from the video. Haha!!

There! I did it!
But I know I'm not alone so please share yours.
If you dare. ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Girl, don't be embarrassed, because three out of four of your confessions (and I wont say which I can confess to myself!

  2. These are not bad at all!! How about having The Monkees on my Ipod and having a childhood crush on Davy Jones?

  3. Haha @Suncear!! The Monkees?!..On your Ipod?! Really?!
    Hahaha!! Oh, I love it!

  4. Hahahahahahahhahahahaha.. You are so silly. These are not things to be ashamed of. I thought you were about to drop something juicy!!!

    Always good to learn more about you, though, so I'll take anything I can get :)

  5. Girl! *shaking my shoulders* A young lady on youtube revamped the song to target curlies. Instead of girls, she says Curls. You gotta check it out if you havent already.

  6. @StylePantry- Lol. Okay. It must be time for me to do an "about me" post. So I'll get to working on that! ;)

    @MrsWardy88 - Hi! I've heard of this and seen a little bit of it.


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