Thursday, August 11, 2011



Here’s something new, to me at least… Running tours. Maybe I’m the only person who was unaware that these kinds of tours go on. Please tell me I’m not. Lol. I first heard about this on one of our local stations here and immediately new that I would be participating in one of these tours just for the sheer hell of it. “Atlanta Running Tours” is a new business to the city of Atlanta, created by Kristy Duckworth of the running blog, Kristy

How about there are running tours for the city of Atlanta. Get out! The concept of a running tour is very new to me. Even a bit intimidating yet I definitely want to experience this.

What is a "running tour"? Well, it's exactly what it says. Seriously! It's a tour of a city or place while running. Which, if you've ever ran a race before, you kind of automatically get one while you're running. That's given you're not so focused on not passing out. Lol. And here's something else I didn't know. Many cities offer running tours like Boston, NYC, San Fran., D.C. and more. Even in her blog, the brainchild behind "Atlanta Running Tours", talks about how she went on a running tour in the city of Paris. Oui oui!

I am so intrigued by this. I’ll definitely be taking a tour of my own town sometime in the fall. Too damn hot for me right now. Lol.
The website for "Atlanta Running Tours" is here. Click for Facebook. Click for Twitter.
Click on City Running Tours, if you're curious about running tours in other cities.
Holla at ya, tomorrow!



  1. Sounds fun. Wish I could keep up.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. Your blog was referred to me by Afroniquely and I'm glad she did. Love it! I've heard about the Atlanta Running Tours. Know a lot of people who are in it. Wishing them luck and love. I love what you and your site are about. Would love love to have you as a follower on The Style~ Spotlighted at ;)

    Stay FABulous,
    The Other Coco Chanel

  3. @Tiffany - Thanks!!

    @Chanel Tone - Hi Chanel! Thanks for checking me out. And for the invite!

  4. how cool! i've never heard of something like this!

  5. Thanks for the AWESOME post about Atlanta Running Tours! I would love to have you run with us! All paces and experience levels are welcome...even beginners! :)


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