Thursday, August 25, 2011


My old babies.

So excited, Lovelies!

I finally laid my old running shoes down. I knew there time of eternal rest was coming soon but my major clue came after my last race, when I heard my right shoe make a popping noise every time my foot hit the ground. Yes. That would be classified as a definite sign.

So, on yesterday, I eagerly headed to Big PeachRunning Co.’s Decatur location for a good running shoe. I love this place. It’s more than a simple running shoe store. I would call it to a "running boutique". It’s clean and well-organized. The associates are professional, friendly and know their stuff. I believe the staff are avid & seasoned runners. And on top of all that the customer service is awesome!  Not only do they sell shoes, but also running attire, accessories & supplements. 
Once I walked into the store, I was promptly greeted by Tim, the store manager. I told him about how I've recently gotten into running. And of my goals and what I’m doing so far. He put me on a machine that basically measures your foot’s pressure points. After analyzing my foot images, he brought out a base shoe for me to try on and run in on a “special” treadmill. This “special” treadmill records your jogging/running stride to see how your foot hits the ground. At this point, they (and you) can see whether you over-pronate (a sort of rolling inward or outward of your foot when you hit the ground) and what part of your foot hits the ground first.  Based on the analysis, they bring out several other shoes that could possibly work well for your stride. I was encouraged to try them on and even run around in the parking lot in them to get a good feel. That suprised me!

I ended up falling in love with the second pair of shoes I tried on.
My New Balance babies.
They’re so light on my feet. So much so that none of the other shoes compared to them. The others all felt like clunkers in comparison.  I swear the feeling of these is almost airy. So I committed myself to them and took them home. Can’t wait to tell you how they’re working out in the upcoming weeks.

Stoked about my next run!


  1. that's awesome! i went to fleet feet for my shoes and they did the same kind of thing, it makes such a difference :)

  2. @Zarna - I swear I think its the coolest things. Now I kinda wish all shoe stores were like that. Lol.


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