Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi Beautiful Ones!

I hope that all is well with you. I have to admit that my weekend (and Monday) was laced with horrible eating. Oh my, God! I’m sure I could’ve been worse about it but still. It was like once I got started, the flood gates got a crack in them and commenced to flowing a slow, steady leak.

I pretty much have regained my composure but, in the midst of my “moment”, I came to realization that I just cannot do coffee. As much as I love its wonderful warm aroma, my body just feels like crap after I drink it. What made it so bad was that I had 2 cups. You would’ve thought that after the first one I had learned. But again, I tend to be an emotional eater so…. I’m done with coffee....again. 
And no, I'm not tripping over a couple cups of joe. Sweets. Fried foods. Junk food. And soda(s)! I've had diet soda's, also! Wtf?! I mean, I was really tripping. I cannot tell you the last time I had a soda before the weekend. Don't get me wrong. I will normally give myself a freebie at the end of the week. But damn. Some things I vowed never to touch again. Soda being one of those things. I took it to another level. *smh*

Anyhoo, not to sound like I'm beating myself up. I suppose this is more of a confessional I'm putting out there to share with you all so that you know I'm not superwoman. Nor do I have it all together in this perfect bundle. I am still in the process working it out like most other folk. I'm human.
This all leads me to say that I’m definitely doing a juice fast/cleanse after my next race. It’s definitely time and necessary for me to clean my body out. To get back my, how can I delicately put it, regularity it is a must. Further proof came from my previous colonic session which had my colon therapist really working. Bless their hearts. I know... TMI.
I’ve had plenty of good times this summer and my body has been reaping the results of it with some of the liberties that I’ve taken with my diet. One being what I've eaten & times in, ehem..excess. Another issue, which is equally important, is that I’ve got to get on top of chewing my food thoroughly. I tend to get into rush mode which is a big no-no when eating. Its such a bad habit of mine that I really have to work at being conscious/present when eating my meals. I do understand that there are people out there who have this same issue so let me share with you some things that I've found on chewing.

Here are some reasons to chew food properly.
1.     Reduce the risk of bacterial overgrowth – food particles that aren’t broken down properly can cause bacterial overgrowth in the colon which leads to indigestion, bloating and constipation
2.     Helping food move through the digestive tract – chewing your food sends messages to the gastrointestinal system that food is on its way. This triggers hydrochloric acid production which helps speed up the digestive process.
3.     Relaxes the lower stomach – your lower muscle needs to relax before food can be channeled to the intestines. Releasing saliva helps to relax the lower stomach and also speeds up the digestive process
*above info from

Well, my next race is this Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it; for the run and then, for the fact that I will be focusing on detoxing afterwards.
Hope you all are chewing well.
Btw, how crazy is that little girl's look? Haha! I thought it was hilarious!
Peace out!


  1. Girl no one is perfect. I've been off a little and will do a cleanse very soon.

    You did it and the good this is that you know what to do to get back on track.

    Don't be too hard on yourself and don't go the extreme trying to make things right.

    Hang in there and keep it moving! ;))

    Take care!


  2. @Evelyn - Thanks for your encouragement. And for the word on "not" going to the extreme to make things right. That is another fine balance.
    I'm definitely keeping it moving. Thanks again, Luv. {{Hugs}}

  3. Each time i read your blog i think i'm one Firehouse sub away from death- your "bad weekend" sounds like my normal Thursday lol (I 've got to do better)


  4. sometimes a girl just needs to indulge!!! don't worry :)

  5. Rofl @No! Hilarious!

    @Zarna - I have to agree with you on that note.

  6. Nice pics

  7. I shouldn't have read this. I think I am worse than you. Indulging here and there is one thing, but for me, yikes.

    Lighten up on yourself (as I self reflect).. haha. Ok, really, we only live once :)



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