Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hola Gorgeous Ones!

Had to drop this quick & simple snack recipe that I revisited recently. Yes, its vegan. And yes, it's delicous.

I basically sliced up a tomato. Seasoned them with oregano, garlic powder (was out of fresh garlic), a little basil & salt.

Then topped them with some mozzarella Daiya cheese. Daiya cheese is a dairy-free & soy-free vegan product that melts really well and tastes great! It comes in cheddar, mozzarella & the recent pepperjack flavors.

Then I popped them in the 450 degree oven for maybe 10 minutes or so. Long enough for the cheese to melt. Then took them out to cool for a moment.

And voila!

Good eating.


  1. yum! that looks easy & delicious!

  2. Yummmmmy! I need to come visit you, so you can just cook healthy meals for me all day :)

  3. @Zarna - It is!

    @Style Pantry - Lol! Girl, I hadn't reached chef status just yet. I'm working on it though. And definitely taking testers. Haha!!

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