Tuesday, August 30, 2011


sturdy banana clip

Hi Gorgeous Ones!

Just had to share with you how I'm becoming close friends with my sturdy banana clip. Not to be confused with the more basic model that uses a lesser dense plastic. That one would not hold my hair for any amount of time. The one pictured above has end pieces that snap securely into place, so that you pretty much have to pull it apart with a little effort.

open sturdy banana clip

Anyhoo, this is the basic updo that I did with my clip.
side view

It is very simple and to be honest, a quick fix for most hair situations like an old twist-out, post work-out hair or I-really-don't-feel-like-it-today hairdo. Lol.

All I did was smooth my hair back, as if I were going to put in a ponytail. Then I turned my banana clip vertical and secured my hair into it.
back view
I tucked my ends up under the bulk of my hair, covering the bottom end of the clip, and used many a bobby pin & hair pin to secure it.
I really was pleased with the ease and look of this 'do.
Btw, so love the backview of my neck here. Lol. I'm working hard to keep any rolls & creases away. Back and neck fat be damned!!

You may or may not be able to tell that I tried to do that front-bump thingy.  It's still a work in progress for me. Lol.

Since I've discovered that I can do many things with a banana clip, I'm really eager to try some things. I've gotten some great ideas from WestNDNBeauty and Shelli of Hairscapades. I put the links in their names for you to click on to see.

Have you discovered any great hairdo's with your banana clip?


  1. I love it! I own one but cannot use it yet as my hair is still too short

  2. I love this style, and it looks great on you, your hair is beautiful!. I cant wait until I can pull my hair back like that ;)).

    Thanks for sharing CO, take care:))

  3. Aw, my Cheris! You are so gorgeous and your hair is amazing. Looks rich and healthy.

    I love you, Cheris. xx

  4. I wear my hair in a banana clip in multiple styles 95% of the time. Wash & go pulled back, single french braid, multiple twists, updos...etc. I loves using it with my workout regime. Washing every Wednesday(Monday to Friday braided or twisted and tucked). Friday to sunday twist out or wash & go puff). LOVE IT!!! makes my hair look so much fuller. Goody Banana clips changed my life

  5. Oh my! I have always wanted to try a banana clip but I was nervous about how it would look.But it looks good on you so it will probably look wonderful on me. Also thanks for your wonderful comment, glad I can share my natural hair journey with everyone!


  6. @Coilybella and @Zainab1 - I understand. Its funny, but since I know I'll chopping my hair off in the future, I'm playing around with my hair more. Lol.

    @Folake - Hey Sweetie! Thanks! You're so kind.

    @tdotcurlie - I'd love to know what styles you do with your banana clip.

    @CoilyMystic - My pleasure. I loved those bikes and really do wish I lived in a place where I could walk and/or ride a bike to where ever I need to go. I think its the coolest thing.


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