Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So I had this eye-opening conversation with Fleurzty of Texture Playground regarding hair. It’s really interesting so indulge me whilst I go down this road, yet again.

You all know that I’ve been “talking” about cutting all my hair off again. Even lower than the 1st time as in, shaving it. However, its been just talk. Don’t get me wrong, I really do want to. I really am tired of dealing with all the hair on my head. I’m really over having to go through the motions of how to wear it. Yet, I haven’t whacked it off yet. Hmm....

Fleurtzy asked me how my hair was and I explained to her that I hadn’t done anything. I told her that I was tired of it. I told her how I loved the low-cut look and was ready to shave it down. Then she asked me when I was going to do it. Huh? Uh….well, I told her that I wasn’t 110% there. And about my timeline to do it next summer.  And how I wanted to lose some weight before getting it done.

Her response (though not verbatim) was basically, we tend to wait to do something and continue to stretch out that time, passing all deadlines and thereby ensuring that it never gets done. Basically telling me, “Heffa, you don’t need to lose no weight! Stop trippin’ and just do it!”  Okay, she really didn’t say it like that.  I embellished a bit. But you get the gist. Haha!!

So why am I dragging my feet? Why am I feeling like I did when I first entertained the thought of cutting all of my hair off. What gives? Have I become attached to my hair again? I honestly didn’t think that was possible. I mean, I am serious about this. I’ve even found a possible barber shop that can do nice cuts on ladies. So what’s my hold-up? Am I not as bold as I protest to being?

Anyone out there ever experienced this the 2nd or 3rd go around at cutting all or a lot of your hair off?....


  1. You have photographic evidence that you're gorgeous either way... no jive! I think you should go for it. It will grow back and it will be a new and exciting journey for you! :)

  2. @Miss Moon - You all are so sweet. I'm gonna try to get it done next month. I gotta go visit that barber shop in person.
    Thanks Lady!

  3. Ms Chocolate Orchid...I often refer to you as that way, because there is something about your spirit , that possesses a strength, a determination, and a goal reacher. I mean what initially drew me to your site was your determination to be health conscious. and your still going strong:))

    I agree 100% with miss moon, you have beauty inside as well as out. And if you decide to cut your hair, just as with a head full of hair it will only....highlight all that was stated here:)).

    But.....But....as you know...I loooove the baldie look, or very close to it!

    I did a post a while back I touched on the beauty that women possess when they shave their hair bald...or very close too it. They allow all their imperfections to show....They are hiding behind nothing at all...that is so beautiful to me !

    What ever you decide I know you will be...FIERCE!

    take care,


  4. @Zainab1 - Haha! I know (& understand) how you feel about the baldie look.
    Thanks for your kind words. You and everyone else are so encouraging and I so appreciate it.

    I will make some time this weekend to personally go by the barber shop that I found online. With me running more often, my hair is more of a bother. So I hope to get it done in August. Preferably before my next race.

  5. Hey Cheris, I just knew when I came back from vacation I would see pics of your new short hair-do - lol

    And Fleurzty is right - we set goals/plans and weeks and even years go by without us completing them.

    And I agree - weight?!? you don't need to lose a pound :o) And you are so stylish - if I can cut my hair and still wear the frumpy/bohemian look and get so many compliments on my short hair - that to me sometimes looks just plain crazy - I'm 100% certain you will look like a super model - lol

  6. @Laquita - Ooh girl, don't talk about me. Haha!! I know. Fleurzty was speaking some truths. Thanks for your encouragement and input. I think the first step is always the scariest. I sure do appreciate your words, Laquita.

  7. i've never cut my hair that short more than once! i'm sure you'll look beautiful with it!!!!

  8. @Zarna - Hey Lady! Thanks for your encouragement!


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