Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hi Gorgeous Ones!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted for "Tuesdays Are For Tresses". Which is pretty much because there's not much going on over here as far as hair is concerned. I’m pretty much going back and forth between the usual buns, twist-outs and updo’s.

I haven’t cut it yet. Although, I was seriously thinking about getting it whacked last night while I was detangling and washing my hair. Goodness! I think it’s time to lose some inches. I can’t say that I’m 110% ready to do my 2nd big chop and shave it down. Not quite. I plan on doing that next summer... if I can last that long. But I sure as hell am ready to lose at least 4 inches. Geesh! I totally understand why some women with really long hair just seem to snap one day and set the shears to their locks. It just gets to be too much. Too much work. Too much time. And let me be even more honest, a bit boring.

Speaking of hair, I went to a salon grand opening this past weekend. For Natural Xpressions salon, where Tas (master stylist), owns and operates. Tas was the stylist who cut & shaped my big chop almost 4 years ago, after a friend’s mother cut most of my hair off for me. In Atlanta, Tas is known for having worked at Urbanbella and Curltopia.

I really wished I had taken my camera. I saw many cute hairstyles and color. Speaking of which, I spoke with him regarding the possibility of me coloring my hair over henna. He said we would have to do a test on a piece of my hair. I’m willing to give it a try. =) Hell, if it doesn’t work out I can go ahead and lop it all off. Which, by the way, as I write this post the more I’m leaning towards doing so. Lol.



  1. I say go for it! ( lol). I'm sure you will when your ready, just be sure to share plenty of pictures. Because, I'm sure it will be sharp.:))

    Take care, zainab1

  2. that's exactly what i did - my hair was getting too long and it was so much work!

    ...i ended up chopping off around 16 inches!

  3. @Zainab1 - Haha! Oh, somehow knew you'd say that. =)

    @Zarna - Ooh wee! 16 inches?! I know you feel my pain. Lol. Your cut is so fly, I can't even imagine you with that much hair.

  4. I'm sure whatever you do it will be great ;o)

  5. We've all seen photographic evidence that your gorgeous either way, Sis... so chop away! LOL ;)

  6. @Laquita - Thanks Hon!

    @Miss Moon - Aw thanks, Lady!

  7. I'm sure you will look beautiful either way. I'm so quick with the scissors. Especially when it's all tangled. And I don't care about length. Bottom line, I don't even care about my hair.. ahahaa.


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