Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hi Gorgeous Ones!

I've been at it again. This time I finally tried my hands at preparing lentils. I've had them for awhile but was hesitant to try cooking them. Me and my overthinking. Smh. (I believe it's time to have a "ditch the overthinking" party.)

green lentils - dry
 Too my surprise, they were super easy to make. And came out so delicious.

*FYI : Most ingredients used were organic except for the lentils, curry & garlic.

Showing all ingredients except for the tomato.

By now, you all should know I love me some curry.  Yummm.

2 C of green lentils

4 to 5 C of water
1 tomato (diced)
½ onion
3 to 4 large cloves of garlic
2 capfuls of Masaman Curry
Salt & pepper to taste
Evoo for sautéing


Heat about 2 tablespoons of evoo (extra virgin olive oil)  in pot. Sauté’ onions til tender. Add garlic. Stir for about 1 minute or so. Add tomatoes, lentil and water. Stir. Bring to a boil. Then reduce heat to low.

Allow to simmer for about an hour or until the lentils are tender.

Salt & pepper to taste. And enjoy!

I absolutely loved this dish! It was so simple and extremely tasty. I definitely consider it a go-to dish because of the simplicity of it on top of its great nutritional value. Lentils are rich in protein, high in fiber and have essential amino acids, folate, other vitamins and minerals. Its a great substitute for meat. 
And there are so many recipes out there for lentils.  The next time I prepare it, I will be sure to add carrots, celery & green bell pepper.
If you've ever cooked lentils, please share your recipe. I'd love to know and expand on healthy recipes to try.


  1. Looking good!:))....I'm with you I love me some curry also. My Husband is jamaican so curry is big in my home(LOL). Thanks for sharing your recipe, take care


  2. I love lentils. Do they take forever to cook like black eye peas (beans)?

    I usually leave my beans cooking for up to 2 hours, or 3 and just keep adding water.

    It's time to purchase a pressure cooker :)

  3. @Zainab1 - Sounds like I could get some recipes from you. =)

    @StylePantry - Yes and no. And the "no" is the beauty of them. I ended up cooking mine for 1 1/2 hour. The recipe I used said an hour but after further research, I found out that it can be longer depending on how long they've been stored.

    And don't get me started on the extra kitchen gadgets I want. Lol.

  4. Lentils are a staple in my household! Here is a great tasting recipe from Post Punk Kitchen.

    It's also good on nachos and burritos! Hope you enjoy!

  5. This looks great. I've had some lentils in my cupboard taking up space. This looks easy enough to do. Thanks.

  6. @Dominique - Hi Dominique! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    @everythingiric - You're welcome. It's almost effortless to make.

  7. Looks amazing! I'll have to try it!

    Check out my blog some time at!


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