Friday, April 29, 2011


Happy Friday/Weekend Lovelies!

I hope that this week has gone well for everyone. Mine has. I'm excited about next week, but I'll talk more about that... next week. ;)

There are a few things that I've been fienen' to get in my closet. One of them has been for more wrist-candy. Truthfully, I've normally only gone as far as Target for go-to pieces because I'm unaware of places to find great bangles & bracelets that won't level my bank account. Well, Sophia over at Kiffe Coco has enlightened me to a wonderful designer.

Meet some of the wonderful workings of Amrita Singh that are now on my list.

Threaded bangle set - $100

So wish these were for sale. Love this set!

Nissa bangle set - $100

Emmi bangle - $60

Sari Resin bangle - $24

Vin bangle set - $100
 For more of her bangles and other jewelry & items, you can check out her site here.
Not sure how to rock these. Well, check out how Folake, of Style Pantry , brings it with her  wrists full of metal

Well, I'm off to dine w/the fam for my brother's b'day.
Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. I Heart bangles, beaded braclets and long necklaces. I have a ton I wear many on both arms in different shapes. But, I must admit I am A silver chunky bangel type of girl, I have the beaded braclets in many colors. I love mixing them up wear as they dont always match...but some how go together ( if that makes sence, lol)

    I get many of mine from ebay, and forever21. The ones you've shown here are haute!

    Have a wonderful weekend! take care.


  2. i love the bangles. There so verstaile and they can add a punch to any outfit

  3. @Zainab1 - Ooh! Sounds like I need to go shipping in your closet. Lol. And yes, I will be checking out F21.

    @CoutureChick - I totally agree. I love to put part of my pop of color in the bangles.

  4. Yea I love her stuff...but I just wait until Hautelook sells her items. I was able to get a bangle set for $40.00

  5. Sophia really makes you want to go out and buy EVERYTHING she's rocking sometimes, huh?!? I'm glad I'm not the only one! LOL

    I am obsessed with the Sari Resin Bangles!! ::le sigh::

  6. Those emmi bangles are the bees knees! Must.Buy.Now.


  7. @Mirror of Fashion - I so feel you. Lol.

    @the nyanzi report - Haha! That's how I see them.

    @Alana - Thanks for this info! I had no idea. I'll have to keep an eye on Hautelook.

    @Miss Moon - I'm sighing with ya, Hon.

    @Dani - Yes! I'm lovin' those, among others.

  8. Hmmm, I may have to send you some. Haha. The next time I go to the swap meet, if they have 'em, I'll definitely scoop them up for you :)

  9. I love bangles as well. The emmi bangles are very cute! This blog post makes me want to go shopping right now! lol.

  10. @StylePantry - Haha. Sounds like you all have an awesome swap meet setup. I'm a little jealous. ;) And I'm gonna need some Atlanta swap meets to come up. Let me do some research.

    @Ashley - Haha. Ashley, I'm already there. As a matter of fact, I feel overdue for a shopping spree.


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