Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi Lovelies!

Seems like the warmer it gets the more diva's I see rockin' their baldies & low-cuts and it is so givin' me that itch again. I mean, I made it through last summer after watching many bloggers, like Fleurzty of Texture Playground, bc (bigchop) again. Then recently, Laquita had to go and do another big chop.  Then I see that Youtube's Tarin916 has also BC'd. Btw, these ladies are working it.

Now please here me on this. I've been feeling another BC coming on for year or so. I made it thru last summer. And I'm trying to make it thru this summer so that I can be aligned with my original plan to do my 2nd big chop in summer of 2012. Why? I dunno. Well, hells-bells on that! If it hits me this summer, then I'll certainly go for it this summer. If not, then I won't. No biggie.

Now don't get me wrong. My hesitation has nothing to do with any fear of it. I loved my first bc.

BC - Aug. '07
 I loved the freedom of easy, tangle-free wash-n-go's.  And not having to put so much time into my hair while still looking fab. But at that time, I was on a mission to grow it out. To 1. prove that my afro-textured hair can grow and grow long. And 2., just because I wanted to see what it would do and what I could do with it.

Well, 3.5 years down the line, I am beyond satisfied with the length. As a matter of fact, just about over it. And I've done just about everything that I've desired to with it from comb coils to blow-outs, braids-outs, braids, twists & twist-outs, rod sets and so on. That is, everything outside of color it which I so desperately want but cannot do due to so many henna treatments. So yes, that's adds to my desire to BC again. But for the most part, I just wanna do the the damn thing again just cause I want to. Lol.

Another hot coal that's been & being added to my bigchop "itch-fire" is seeing so many fabulous women rocking their baldies & low-cuts so fiercely. For instance, on this past Easter Sunday, I saw many beautiful ladies working their bald heads. I was so tempted to ask one of them if I could take her picture because she was seriously workin' it from her smooth head all the way down to her haute shoes. Then I figured it might not be quite right to ask for a pic since we all were waiting to get into a packed church service that had already started. Lol.

So yes, its a strong possibility that I could go for it this year. As a matter of fact, I plan to "chop" it lower than the first time just because I find low-cuts & baldies hella beautiful.

Have your doubts?... Well check these ladies out.

Miss Tanzania (Flaviana Matata) 2007


Rachel Stewart of Rachel Stewart Jewelry
Btw, this is how low I plan on going. Excited!!


Youtube's Sunshine of SunshineLovesPeace

model at Lakme Fashion week. Photo by Rafiq Maqbool, AP

Love the color!

Love' this dress!

Love this outfit!

For more pics of beautiful baldies, click here.
Peace out.


  1. wow! i think bald for women is perfect specially this summer. their beautiful faces really came out.

  2. LOL!!!!!. Girl you know I'am with ya!:)) all the way. You know How I feel about baldies, fabulously Fierce!!.... can I say that again " FABULOUSLY FIERCE" (lol)

    I love my second BC, just as I loved the very first. Like you are thinking of doing. I went shorter this time and love it! I plan on rocking a mini fro for quite a while . It's edgy , and sharp, everything I love:))

    In my cheering you on voice" go for it CO...go for it CO!:)). I bet you will look fabulous!

    BTW, these pictures are "HAUTE" these girls are ...Sharp!!!

    Take care,


  3. I feel you, there's a time & season for everything, including hair, lol! If you're getting the itch, I say don't ignore it & do what makes you happy. Summer to me is always the best time to do it as well...for obvious reasons. More time to indulge in more sun fun, outdoor activities and life in general!

  4. I understand that itch! I fight against the itch by braiding my afro or getting a weave! But to be honest these photos aren't helping!

  5. @Alexa - Yes, it is. Especially if you live in a humid climate like the south.

    @Zainab1 - Lol. I think baldies are fierce, beautiful, haute...all that. Thanks for the cheering.

    @Miss Moon - Yes girl! Rachel's cut is the bizness!

    @Chai - Good point. You do have more time to give more attention to other great things.

    @Ag - Yes Hon. Imagine seeing women rocking baldies just as fabulous as some of the women pictured here in person.

  6. Ut oh - same thing happened to me - it started with an itch - lol. I actually got the itch last summer but resisted for an entire year almost.

    I love it short (and yours looked wonderful short too), but it seems like the second I did it I experienced the opposite of what you did - I see all of these ear length or longer haired naturals with the cutest styles just coming out of the woodwork - I also see so many cute short bob-like cuts that I've never seen before.

    So make sure you look into all of our options first ;o)

  7. @Laquita - Haha!! Thanks for sharing. I got my itch to do this last year but made it thru the summer. Now I'm feelin' that way again. And I'm hesistant for the exact same reason you stated. I just want to make sure I'm 110% ready with no regrets.

  8. i think it's such a fabulous and strong look! do it!!

  9. gorgeous
    love this post!



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