Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In need of some new earbuds? Well, consider these lovely ones.

Vers 1E headphones are individually hand-crafted with sustainably sourced hardwoods & Bamboo. They also have a microphone with mute and play/pause control making it perfect for your iPhone, iPod or any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  And get this. The in-ear design blocks 90% of outside noise, assuring you an ideal acoustic experience in any environment.

Want to know the best part?.. For every tree they use in production, the company re-plants100 more through their partnership with the Arbor Day foundation. Woo hoo!!

They come in cherry, walnut and bamboo. And can be purchased at for $50.

By the way, whatever happened to Craig Mack?


  1. These are cool! and I love fact that they re-plant the tress...yay! for them.

    lol@ what ever happened to craig mack.....who knows?

    Take care,


  2. Oooh those are LOVELY!!! I am so hard on my poor earbuds.. they always pop out of my ears at the most inopportune time, causing me to step on them and crush them! Grrr!!

    Those look like they would demand me to treat them right! LOL

  3. cool! these sound great!

    (way better than my ipod ear phones, that's for sure!)

  4. @Zainab1 - I know! I think they're cool and gorgeous.

    @Miss Moon - Lol. I think we all are. They're so easy to break. My only issue is that my lobes get sore because they're a bit small for earbuds. Yet I still wear them. So I wonder if these would be a good fit for me.

    @Zarna - Yes, these are way better than any earbuds I've ever seen. Such a chic look.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your blog.. So informative and cute..I actually recieved these a few weeks ago as part of a grab gift at work, haven't tried them yet but i'm going to have to.. :)) . I'm Marilyn from officially following ya.. Hope you can stop by sometime.. TY


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