Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hola Beautiful Ones!

I decided to drop a hair post only because its been ages and felt like I needed to just put an update out there. As you will see, from the following pictures, I have been up to absolutely nothing when it comes to my hair. In between race training, a cold and just sheer laziness; my hair has been in a twist-out for almost 2 weeks. I keep meaning (and needing) to wash it but the suckey cold drained that outta me. I'm feel much better now. My sense of smell is still a bit faint but I can tell I'm improving. Hopefully, I'll syke myself up enough to run some water thru it no later than tomorrow.

So here goes, if you've been wondering:

I'm trying my best to conjure up some type of "I'm good" look. Although my brows are in need of attending and my poor nose bears the marks of way too much blowing, I can thankfully breathe through it now.

I've done nothing with my hair, outside of moisturizing on an mostly daily basis.

Oh! Let me start at the beginning. I wash/deep conditioned and then plaited (braided) it up to allow it to mostly dry while stretching. Then I twisted it up with Uncle Funky's Daughter's Curly Magic. This product was nice. Just kind of shrunk it back some because it is a curl enhancing gel. I'm okay with that though. Trying to use up the products I have before making another purchase. I'm sure I'll go back to using Jane Carter Twist & Lock, Darcy's Botanicals Vanilla Madigascar styling creme or something like it.

I keep wanting to try other brands. I'm sure it's out of boredom. Which makes me wonder if I'll make it through this summer without bc'ing (big chopping) again. Lol. I know its coming. I'm trying to wait til summer 2012 but I don't know. On top of which, I really want to color my hair. And I can't do it at this time because of all the henna I've applied to it.

So back to what I've been moisturizing with. I've pretty much been sticking to Jane Carter's Revitalizing conditioner. I either top that with Bee Mine's Deja's Hair Milk or Essential Balms Organic Shea butter. And of course, seal it with an oil like Essential Balms Indian Hemp Head to Toe Balm. Lovin' the Essential Balms products.  Will work on some reviews on the new products that I've tried.

Well, that's all for know, Lovelies. Not sure when I'll do another hair post but I will definitely post on any changes I may make.



  1. Training for a race...Sounds great! , and your hair really looks good, I love the look. But, you know I'm with ya on the BC (LOL). Either way I'll be watching. Take care,


  2. I am "trying" to train for my first 5k too!!! it's a lot more challenging than i anticipated. My right knee is quite stiff and i am hobbling around most days. Good luck in your training and glad u are feeling better. BTW based on your post, I started oil pulling last week. So far so good. Dunno about the rest of my body...but the whiter teeth has happened. would need a dentist to tell me if gum health has improved.

  3. @tdotcurlie - Hey! Good luck on your first 5k! It's so exciting! Also, congrats on your oil pulling. Whiter teeth is an awesome by-product!


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