Tuesday, March 22, 2011


March 2011 Twist-Out Updo
What a funny angle. I discovered that I need an extra piece to my tripod so these photos are a result of me taking pics with one hand. Not fun. But I got it done.

Just sharing a simple twist-out updo that I've been wearing for about a week now. Working on mostly wearing protective styles to take better care of my ends.

It's not a perfect updo but I do like it. And by not perfect, I mean not every strand is in place. No. It's more of a "let's throw something together and see what comes of it as we go" updo. Either way, I like it.

earrings by Daisy Fuentes;Kohls
On top of which, its been going back and forth between warm & borderline hot and I hate having hair on my neck when it feels like that.

Note: I have several bobby pins, hair pins and two mini-combs (which you probably see 1 peeping out) to hold all of this together.

Hope the rest of your day is smart & lovely,


  1. That is a GORGEOUS up do!!! And the earrings really work with it!!!! I drool over your jewelry! LOL

  2. @Miss Moon - Thanks Hon! Girl, I'm working on expanding my earring collection.

  3. Love it! and you know... the not perfectly put together updo's are in...plus they have a sexy look to them. Personally I like the messy updo look ( for a lack of a better term) than the put together look. Well done CO...fabulous!

    P.S I'm loving the earrings (smiles)... take care


  4. You look gorgeous. I am so in love with your skin :)

  5. @StylePantry - Thanks! You are too kind. I guess I'm my biggest critic because I'm always wishing it was more even-toned. But thanks, Hon!

  6. @Nekiah - Thanks! Btw, love your style. Thanks for coming thru.


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