Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Natural Oasis & Essential Balms products

Wow. Talk about words coming to life. Remember when I mentioned Natural Oasis & Essential Balms products in a previous post. And how I would like to try this product line again. Er, maybe I thought that moreso than mentioned it. Well, how about I got a major surprise.

I come home one day and find this package on my doorstep. Of course, I'm going thru my head thinking who it might be from. Had placed some orders and was actually expecting other stuff. Lo and behold, it was a package filled with their entire organic hair and skincare line. Whooooaa. *Big grin.

I had gone onto their website and, of course, filled out info for updates & offers and apparently won a giveaway. Talk about totally unexpected. Woot woot!!

Now bear in mind that my hair is still straight from being blown/flat-ironed/& trimmed a couple of weeks ago. But I can assure you that I was soooo tempted to wash, condition & style my hair with their products right then and there. =)

But I decided to be patient. Well, actually I'm enjoying wearing my hair straight. But believe me, in about a week, kinks, coils & curls will be back on (...and poppin') ;). Yes I went in the way-back machine and said that. Lol. I'll definitely be twisting it up since my daughter has a cheer competition in Florida. And I'm not even gonna try and play with that humidity down there.

Oh! And speaking of straightened hair, I am totally challenged to take better care of my ends. When I got it trimmed, my stylists kept saying how dry my hair was which was why it was splitting & breaking some. Which resulted in her having to cut about 2 inches off. I wasn't upset about the amount of hair having to be trimmed but for some odd reason I was a pissy about it needing to be trimmed at all. Does that make sense?  And not pissy at her but at my hair. Yes, I know how this sounds. But it really  felt like a challenge. Me against my hair to keep my ends. She thought I was gonna be bummed about losing 2 inches of length. Hell no. I got more than enough hair to manage on my head. I think what really miffs me is that, after 3.5 years, I feel like I should have a top-notch handle on successfully managing my hair. So in some ways, I took the 2 inch trim as somewhat of a failure. I know it may sound silly but that's just how I felt about it. If my hair is getting a cut or a trim, I want it to be because I want it not because I need it.

So I shared all that to say that my future hair plans have changed.  Well, somewhat changed. Since I'm focused on taking better care of my ends, i.e. keeping them moisturized, I'll be doing protective styles a bit longer and putting the "Tightly Curly" method on the shelf. I'm still getting the braids this spring but I've decided to extend my protective styling through the summer. At least until my next trim, which will probably be this fall. If not, I'll do what I've been doing and wait to trim next February. For me, success is not having to get more than a dusting (1/2 inch, maybe 3/4 inch) trimmed.  Either way, my fight to keep my ends healthy & strong is on.

Does this sound unrealistic? Realistic? What are your thoughts on this....

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  1. Big congrat's on your new arrival, can't wait to hear your review! take care :))



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