Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hi Gorgeous Ones!

My apologies for the lapse in blogging on a regular schedule. But after a weekend trip to Orlando full of running around and the drive back home to the ATL, I was pretty wiped out..... on Monday. Haha! Tuesday was more of a "playing hooky" day.

Anyhoo, I have been struggling with my workout. Yes. I. Have. So at this point, I'm having to just do it, instead of putting much thought into it. Hey... it's like that sometimes.

So in my search for inspiration, I remember Ernestine Shepherd, the 74-year old foxy ma who I absolutely would not be mad at if she got a man 40 or 50 years her junior. Just sayin'. Like Tony the Tiger, I have to say that she looks GGRRRREEAT.

She leaves me (and everyone else) absolutely no excuse. For God's sake, she's 74. No excuses. On top of which, she didn't get into working out until she was in her early 50's. Seriously, no excuses. Now most of us women have been groomed to believe that as we get older, we naturally put on more weight. And that as soon as we hit 40, it all goes to hell in a handbasket. As if its some natural order to our body's maturation. Well, looking at pics of  Mrs. Shepherd blows this myth out of the water.

Oh, and please know that when she started exercising in her fifties, she did not look like she does now. I've read that she started out pudgy. No excuses. So my point is that, it is indeed possible. Not just for all us gals who are in our 30's and beyond, but e-ver-ry-body.

And just for more inspirational/motivational kicks here are pics of a few other older women who are working it out and showin' it off.

Jennifer Lopez (mom of 2)- Academy Awards 2010

Halle Berry (mom of 1) - Jenesse Silver Rose Gala & Auction 2010
Salma Hayek (mom of 1) - Cannes 2010
Sally Richardson-Whitfield (mom of 2) - Syfy Upfront party 2010

Stacey Dash (mom of 2) - Vanity Fair Oscar party 2010
Are there are any women you know who inspire/motivate you who are still keeping it together?.....


  1. When I first read an article about Ms. Ernestine Shepherd last year I was AMAZED and I still am! None of us has any excuse for being out of shape. We have to make time for ourselves even its just 15 minutes a day or every other day, especially if we want to remain healthy. Great read!

  2. I saw Ms. Shepherd on the news last year and my jaw dropped. I thought I was doing good, but she got me beat. She is definitely an inspiration to me too.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. I have to step my game up some more :)

  3. @Indulgenceiskey - Me too. And so true about even taking a few minutes. Some is better than none.

    @StylePantry - Oh, you are not alone. Definitely stepping up my game.


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