Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of my green goodie juices.

Okay, lovely ones. Here’s my review of Carolyn’s Detox program

After getting over my immediate apprehensive once I committed to going thru this detox, I was excited. I was looking forward to doing something good (and long overdue) for my body. Then I received the detox program, I was bit put off. I honestly was expecting a 1, or at most, 2-pager document that would just give me step-by-step instructions on what to do everyday. Here's the thing: After sitting my impatient-want-what-I-want-now ass down and reading the materials, it dawned on me that I was in “microwave” mode. “Damn”. *hangs head*

Allow me to briefly explain: I was so used to getting things in a condensed format, super fast. And much like the microwave meals & fast food; I've found and observed that condensed and super fast can and do leave you without a bunch of essential things that you need. Aside from the fact that that wham-bam way of doing things can leave you feeling a bit empty once it’s all said and done. It negates the fact that everyone’s body is different. It skirts the issue of considering a person’s personality, emotional state and where they are in life. After reading all the materials, I realized that her detox program respects the individual, unique person. No, we are not assembly line machines so why should any program presented to us be a cookie-cutter, general quickie program. There is absolutely nothing general about you, me or anyone else.

Almost gone spinach, pear, apple & mint smoothie.

Having said that, I loved the fact that I could modify this detox to fit my needs and where I was mentally & emotionally. There’s nothing dogmatic about it. Love that. So much information was provided to ensure that I fully understood what a detox is, what it can do for my body, what to expect during a detox and how I can safely & effectively execute it. There were sample menus for different types of detoxes, listing of detox herbs and different detoxification methods explained in detail. This is not only a program but also an education. On top of which, Carolyn’s support is always there for you. You get weekly calls with her and daily emails. And as an added bonus, you get an awesome Q&A conference call with Karen Langston, internationally recognized nutritionist and recent heroine entrepreneur.

After my “Aha” moment of realization, I fell into the program with fervor. My first week went well, although I had bouts with nausea, headaches and not my usual amount of energy, which I didn’t realize until the following week when I felt soooo much better. This detox was actually a joyful & eye-opening experience for me. Maybe it was because it wasn’t a rigid “you-can-only-do-this-this-and-this-and-it-has-to-be-this-way” type of detox but more of an exploration of the delicious and healthy bounty that the earth provides us with. Okay, I admit it. That description might be a bit – deep. But I really had fun and enjoyed it. I enjoyed juicing collard greens, cabbage & garlic for the first time. I enjoyed trying the delicious quinoa. And I actually really enjoyed the taste of avocados. Haha! It was also fun coming up a light & clean, vegan dishes for dinner. Go figure. I felt as if I discovered a new world of flavors but more importantly, I discovered that I could actually do this. I could actually go more than a week without eating any type of animal products. Yay me!

Spiralized zucchini with portabello mushrooms, red & yellow bell peppers, red onions & fresh garlic lightly sauteed in evoo.
Will I do this again? Hell yes! I'm so happy that I started my year off with this detox. As a matter of fact, I am continuing this way of eating. As stated earlier this week, I have not thrown in the towel on meat, fish or eggs but I’m certainly cutting my intake of them way down. And I also look forward to going thru vegan-spells; meaning eating 100% vegan for a month or months at a time.

Would I recommend this detox program? Again, hell yeah! This program is an education & a detox. Not just a program that you do quickly and forget just as quickly, but a lasting effective program that teaches you the importance of a detox, why one may be necessary and that it is in fact doable on all levels.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my bmi (body mass index) has dropped and is back in its healthy range and I lost 10 lbs. Damn, I really had put on a few pounds. I’m so stoked that I’m back in some of my favorite clothes, too.  Happy
A note for Carolyn:
Carolyn, words cannot express my thanks & appreciation for you allowing me to experience your program. I have gained so much from this. Now I feel prepared to take the next steps in my healthy journey. Now I know that I can eat a clean, vegan diet. Where I once apprehensive and unsure as to whether I could prepare some healthy (& edible), clean vegan meals, I now have the confidence and know that I can successfully do so. And now that I feel great & my bmi is back in check, I can get my swerve back on. Just kidding. Well, uh, not really. Haha! Thanks so much. And may only the best continue to come your way.
Much luv & {{Hugs}},


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  1. Cooool! biggggg congrats to you CO! ...Do the dang on thing!:)))). Please continue to keep us posted on your journey. Take care and have a fabulous weekend.


  2. Wow you are so inspirational - this is something I would like to do after I have the baby to cleanse my system thanks for sharing this.

  3. 10lbs? What a great by product of your choice to detox...that's a lot lady! Proud of you. Did litttle chocolate orchid try any of the recipes?

  4. @Zainab1 - Thanks Lady! Will Do.

    @MissCherie - Thanks MissCherie! Btw, when your bundle of joy due?...

    @Pam - Ha! Little ChocolateOrchid toots her nose at anything "healthy", "vegetarian", "vegan" and/or "non-processed". Although she does this 98% of the time, she also shows slight signs of interest here and there which I'm more than happy to take. Ex: She recently announced that she will not be eating McDonalds anymore.


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