Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Younikness Earrings
I just could not wait to post about these earrings. I actually was trying to take photos of them once I receive my new cam but the hauteness of these girls got the best of me. I absolutely could not wait to wear them.

Back in December, had a major marketing campaign sponsoring several Christmas gift giveaways on several blogs. I was fortunate enough to be a winner of one of these giveaways, receiving two earrings of my choice.

Get ready for many a pic of me posing featuring these fly ass earrings.

Younikness "Black Piper" earrings

Younikness "Black Piper" earrings.

Younikness "Grey Cloud" earrings

Btw, these are my favorite pair.

Younikness "Grey Cloud" earrings.

See me tryin' to ANTM pose. Haha!!
 Oh, I'm gonna be such a terror when I get my new cam. Lol.

For the record: I do not favor the "bra-strap showing" look...on me. Wore a cardi over this & took it off to get a better pic of the earring.

I am so in love with these earrings.
I'm a definitely a customer now. I've already "wishlisted" a few more earrings on the web store.
You can peruse and purchase at the site. Just click on the link below.

"The place where you will find exceptional handcrafted jewelry and accessories made for you,
who is not afraid to be yourself and unique."

Not sure if I'll post again til next week. No, can't say I'm going to Fro Fashion Week. I wish. I'll actually be setting up camp at the superbowl of competitive cheerleading, Cheersport Nationals. Hopefully, both events won't be on the same weekend next year.


  1. Zainab1, I am so lovin' these earrings. Definitely buying from younikness in the future.

  2. Looking good, CO! :-)


  3. All of these earrings are amazing!! i love big earrings :)

  4. @Gem - Heeeeey Girl! How you been?..

    @Zarna - Yes, they are gorgeous. Thanks for coming thru.

  5. Okay, I need those "Black Piper" earrings in my life, like, YESTERDAY!!!!!

    Beautiful pictures, you are really rocking those "Grey Cloud" earrings! They look absolutely gorgeous on you C.O.!

  6. @Miss Moon - Hey Lady! Go on over to the website and get you a pair. I may place an order this week or, better yet, wait until her spring line is out, which will be next month.
    And thanks!

  7. I'm going to check the site out now. You look super gorgeous :)


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