Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Snowpocalypse 2011 ...Seriously. That's what the media's calling it.

Good Cold, Icy & Snowy day to you all!

At least it is down here. I know I mentioned posting on whatever I decided to do with my hair on last week. Well, this is what went down. I let it dry overnight and then flat-ironed it.

I was just itchin' to mix it up a bit and couldn't wait on getting my Sedu iron. Anyhoo. I only went thru each small section of hair once. Because I'm still a bit of a chicken about heat damage.

Now what I already knew but became more apparent is that I need to get a good trim. Looks like at least an inch. Bummer. The last time I had a professional trim was last February. Outside of that, I've been dusting here and there.

As you can see, I wasn't going for a really straight look. It started doing a little reverting back. Which was okay. I just wanted to see if I could flat-iron my own hair. And after I proved to myself that I could, I did this.......

I just love buns.

I mean I really love buns. They're chic, easy and versatile as far as placement on the head, textures, messy, loose or taunt and such.

Last night, I oil-rinsed and co-washed my hair. In the midst of detangling, I made four sections into plaits, which I let mostly dry overnight. Right now, I'm sort of mini-twisting each section. The plan is to keep these twists in for a couple of weeks. We shall see how long I last. I tend to get impatient and/or bored.Then I plan on rocking a twist-out for as long as I can.

My tentative plans for 2011 & Beyond:

February - Get a professional trim. This is when I get my hair blown-out/flat-iron.
March - Get my hair braided. I want nice & sleek cornrows. I always think of Vivica Fox in "Kill Bill".

Vivica Fox from the movie, "Kill Bill".
May - Take the braids out and give Teri Laflesh's tightly-curly method a go. And if it's successful, sport it all summer or at least most of it. Haha. I'm so flighty when it comes to hairstyles.

Around 5 or so years down the road, I want to give locs a go. I've been thinking about sisterloc's. Then once I'm over those, I'm gonna get it all cut off again. I'm thinking really low like a Cesar.

Aisha Hinds (actress)

Chrisette Michelle (singer)

Amber Rose (Video  Vixen)

Susan L. Taylor (previous longtime editor of Essence magazine)
posing for photography Ken Ramsay circa 1970
Don't you just love it?! So beautiful.

So that's my (tentative) hair plans. Do you have any? If so, what are they?


  1. Love this article! Thank you for sharing your hair plans.. Oh and the tightly curly site. My hair plans are to get rid of these natural ends over a two year period and grow my hair out as long as it will grow. Making sure that it is healthy and strong above all. Keep inspiring us! Much love!

  2. COOOOL! love this!. And, I loooove your bun.... fly! I think buns are sharp. Before I went natural and while I was carrying my youngest daughter I wore mini , mini box braids and with those I wore them in a looose messy bun...hotness!

    I also at one time considered locs, but some thing closer to free forming. I still consider it from time to time. I love locs! but I pretty sold on what....you know it...that cesar (LOL)

    yooooou know I am felling the cesar cut. I plan to perhaps get mine cut off for my second BC , cesar style in the summer :))

    Thanks for sharing your plans with us. And, your hair is looking ,long, healthy and beautiful and seems to be thriving in its naturally glory!

    Take care


  3. oooppss. I meant get rid of these relaxed ends. LOL!!

  4. Love the "hair today" outline. I especially love your bun. I kept wondering how you managed to get such a cooperative bun. It looks great!

  5. You are painfully gorgeous. xoxoxo

  6. @StylePantry - Hey Sweetie! Thanks for the compliment and for coming thru. {{Hugs}}


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