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 According to a heroine is...

1. A woman noted for courage and daring action.

2. A woman noted for special achievement in a particular field. (from

Meet 2011's first Heroine Entrepreneur........
Demeka Scott - owner of
1. Tell us about your business, products, services and what make it special or unique.

My name is Demeka Scott, I’m a Natural Health Consultant and the owner of Healthy Living Journey, we carry a line of natural body products called “Jamion” that I personally make and sell. I use only high quality ingredients such as; unrefined Shea Butter, Himalayan Pink Salts, Coconut Milk, Essential Oils & more. We never use toxins such as harmful fragrances, NO synthetics and absolutely NO chemical preservatives!

2. How was it birthed?

My sister was diagnosed with cancer, which later claimed her life (as well as my father). Right before she passed I was researching on how cancer manifest in our bodies. I discovered that most of the commercial products (ingredients) we use on our skin is associated with cancer. After tons of researching and experimenting I started making body products for my family. And after getting so many good responses I set out on this journey to help everyone I know with this knowledge by way of my products.

3. What were the first steps that you took to get your business started?

After tons of researching and experimenting on myself and others I decided that it would be beneficial to have some type of schooling to back me up. So I enrolled in Intl. Institute of Holistic Healing to become a Natural Health Consultant. After becoming a natural health consultant I then switched gears to focus on developing a brand for my company.

4. Have you always been in this particular field? Do you have a history in this area?

Before starting this company I was not in the natural health field at all, I actually owned a dog accessory shop (I love small, toy breed dogs & their accessories). I had no prior history in body products or health. Although I have always heard that natural products were better, I just had no interest in using them or trying to find out more about them. As I look back I am truly thankful because now my children will grow up knowing about natural cures and a better way of living at a early age.

5.How much support did you receive when you first started out?

My husband and my aunt (Pat) were my guinea pigs and I love them to death for letting me experiment on them. They are still my biggest supporters. I did not initially get a lot of support when I first started out. I had to understand that people have been conditioned and they are not acceptable to new and different things. I didn’t let that stop me and now I have a new base of people who are my supporters, patience and persistence are the key words.

6. Is there anything that you wish you would have done or handled differently?

Yes, I wish I would have gained the knowledge I now have in a timely manner. I am content with the way things have been handled thus far. I have lined myself with the creator and I know that everything I do is at the time I’m suppose to do it.

8. What was your biggest hurdle in developing your business?

The biggest hurdle was learning a whole new industry. I knew how to make my products but I did not know the legal business side, for example: I had to learn about the FDA, what I could and couldn’t say when it pertained to my labeling and a slew of other things.

9. How did you stay motivated or what kept you motivated whenever you hit a bump/pothole in the road or a difficult time?

The love for my people and the knowledge that I am doing this for a greater purpose is what keeps me going, I have to constantly remind myself of my why. My why...Why am I doing this? My answer...I am doing this so that my children will have a better understanding of health & business and they too will be able to pass it on to their children.

10. Was there ever a time when you felt like giving up on or had doubts about your vision/business? And if so, what did you do to get past it or what was the catalyst that moved you to continue pressing forward?

No, I knew that this was my calling. I enjoy telling people about my products and giving advice on health related issues. Our community is in dying need of this knowledge and I raise my hand to give it :-)

11. There are quite a few women who are seeking to do what you’ve done. What advice would you give them?

Research, research & research on the industry you are trying to pursue. Find a new and different approach to market your products or services. Don’t follow the trend, start your own. Be creative, for example: if everyone is using plastic containers to package their product, use glass instead to package yours. *hint, hint :-)

I would like to also tell them, follow your passion... if something excites your mind go with it. Don’t let what others say or do jeopardize what you know is true to your heart. The entrepreneur road is long and sometimes scary, being patient and staying persistent will help you in achieving the goals you set out. Stay focused and let that passion drive you to success. And remember... plan your work & work your plan!

12. Is there anything new & exciting that we can expect from your business in the future?

Yes, this year we will be adding some new items to our product list. We also plan to have our products showcased around quite a few spas & salons in the Atlanta area. I look forward to gaining more personal clientele that I can grow with. :-)

p.s. I have a new found love for arts & crafts... some of my newest creations can be found at

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*A personal note to Demeka
Many thanks for allowing your story to be told here. Your words are inspiring and speak to me personally. I love that you know that everything you do is at the designated time that you're supposed to do it. Thanks for spreading and sharing your wisdom from your experience. May you continue on the path of great success in your business and in touching the lives of others.
Peace and blessings,


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  1. Very inspiring! With great insight and helpful information. Thanks a bunch for posting!:)

    Take care


  2. I am so GRATEFUL to know you and be apart of your family. You inspire me to be a better person and mother. I wish you all the success in the world. You are on your way and know words can really express the LOVE that I have for you. Congrads to my cousin Demeka L. Tigner-Scott......


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