Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi Lovelies!

While I enjoyed my flexi-rod set from last week, the ridiculous amount of product (Jane Carter Solutions Wrap & Roll) that I used lead to my hair being a tad matted and dry. So what did I do? Kept it movin’.

Ugh. I know. *shakes head* Bad ChocolateOrchid. Baaaadd. I know. What was I thinking? Most likely, I did this because I had a lot of holiday activities going on. On top of which, I was determined to find a cute, in-my-budget dress to wear on New Year’s Eve, so a good bit of my thoughts and time was spent searching on that. Did I want to do something special with my hair for NYE? Of course! Initially, I wanted to wear it straight, but after being honest with myself decided to toss the idea and wear it up. Since I only get my hair straightened twice a year, at most, I knew that getting it straightened only to sweat it out partying would be a waste of time and/or money.  And yes. I danced the New Year in just like that.  Sweating it out. Lol. So what did I do? I dampened it. Added condish, butter and gelly (Hairveda Whipped Gelly) to it to put it in a bun with a front bump.
New Years Eve 2010
Might look cute, but felt deadly. When I finally put in an effort to do something with it, my hair was threatening to lock up. Yes. Why? Because I didn’t fully comb out the curls before putting it into a bun. I just dampened it and threw it into a bun. So Sunday night, I loaded (and I mean loaded) my hair with lots of detangling conditioner (Paul Mitchell The Detangler, Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Daily Hair Conditioner and some of the leave-in) along with the help of jojoba and grapeseed oils and my spritz mix and slowly (and sometimes painstakingly) unraveled and detangled. Whew! Never. Ever. Again.

Because my hair was so dry, I ended up leaving this mix in my head overnight as a means to revive it. So as you can see, I went back to a method called, “baggying”. Baggying is basically, applying conditioner, oils or some type of moisturizer to the hair and then covering it with a plastic cap. Usually overnight as a means of retaining or imparting more moisture to the hair. The plastic bag traps in the heat giving your hair the added moisture that it needs.

Last night, I finally washed it and all the other stuff out with Curls Clarifying Shampoo. Then did a condish rinse with Jane Carter Solutions Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner . And “Awwwwwhh.” My hair feels so much better. As I type this post, I currently have my hair in five plaits to stretch and allow it to dry some. I’ll twist it up or do whatever comes to my mind, sometime tomorrow. =)

If I decide to do “whatever comes to my mind”, you’ll definitely see a post on it next week.

What’s going on with your tresses?.....


  1. Your look very nice NYE and your hair was cuuute. Hope you had a wondeful time!:)

    As for my hair I'm still wearing a roller set & silk wrap short style. I really like it this way. I plan to continue to go back in forth from my fro to my roller sets as I please. I've found that wearing my roller sets is a lot less work, I just roll once a week and keep it moving. At night I wrap or pincurl which ever I like and throw a few rollers in my hair for a few hours in the morning ( doing it this way my set is not a tight set, not the look I 'm looking for ) I like lose sets. Take them out when I think there ready , style and thats it.

    But, my secod BC is on its way, exactly when I dont know....but soon!:))

    Thanks for asking CO, take care:))


  2. @Zainab1 - Girl, your hair sounds gorgeous! And I can definitely feel you on a second BC in the future. =)

  3. Can't wait to see what you do :o) I had to do a "kept it movin'" too - thought I wanted a cornrow/twist mohawk to start the year off - but once I saw the results I was sadly mistaken - lol So I just put the 'hawk' ends in one single cornrow and and left a few strands out in the front as a side bang of sorts and as you say - kept it movin' :o)

  4. @Laquita - Girl, you are so creative with styles. That sounds super cute. Did you take pics of your hair?.. I'd love to see it.

  5. I'm going to do a product review pic/video with the style - I'll keep you posted.


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