Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi Beautifuls!

You know... ever since I post on my future hair plans, I've been reevaluating my time frame for all that I want to do with my hair. I promise you, I'm a bit capricious (Look mommy! I learned a new word. Haha!) about my hair. It's just so much that I want to try out. I suppose being a bit bored with the usual plays a part in it as well. I'm certainly not interested in getting waist-length hair. Too much work. So length is not an issue for me. I'm just feeling my "do-whatever-the-hell-I-want-to-cause-I'm-doin-me" attitude to the fullest. And right now, it's moving my desire to rock some fierce locs a bit sooner than 5 years from now. I'm thinking more like 2. And believe me, all things are subject to change. Haha.

Btw, just a little loc inspiration that I've come across:



Had to put a lil' Lauren Hill in here. ;)
*Shout out to all the sexy men sporting those medium-long locs!*

*Ahem.* Excuse me.
We now return to regularly scheduled programing....

After sporting my bun, I washed/deep conditioned and then did some twists. As "mini" as I could stand to do them. And as you can probably see, again they are not that mini. Lol.

Back view.
I often wish for thicker hair. Hate the open spots.

Front view of pony-bun'ish style.

My little half-hazard bun that I think looks cool. ;) So much better in person. Lol.

I've since gone into a twist-out which I will try and make last for a week. Crosses fingers. This may be wishful thinking for me but I want to try out a organic shampoo of sorts, Pure Earth Hair Wash. I watched the review by youtube's Naptral85 (Love her channel!) and was totally intrigued (and impressed) by her review and the ingredients.

During my next wash/dc, I plan on doing a henna treatment. Which, by the way, I've been itchin' to get a henna tattoo. Almost did, a couple of weeks ago on the fly but I didn't have enough time. But whenever I do, I'll definitely post pics of it. I just love their beauty & intricate detail. Anyhoo, the henna for hair treatment is long overdue. And how I'll style it until I get my hair straightened & trimmed next month is anybody's guess.

If you all have any suggestions for a style to try, I'm open to them. It may be something that I've never considered or forgotten about.



  1. Dreds...hotness! I love dreds and I've considered them a few times my self. I truly think they would look fabulous on you!!!!!

    Your hair is really looking great. I'm with you CO , I've never been one looking for length even when I was relaxed I wore short cuts. I am currently inches away from my ceasar. I've since cut the top down a bit to a mini fro hawk. Preparing for my second BC/ceasar:)). I'm right along with CO on the I dont care I'm doing me attitude:))))

    The henna tattoos...awesome! Its quite popular in my religion. Sisters get together often and have henna parties. My oldest daughter does them well. Henna tattoos are very beautiful. Try it! I think you may really like it, if so please share pictures:))

    Take care


  2. @Zainab1 - Thanks Hon! Still lovin' the fro hawk look. You work it, Lady!

    And you've taught me something new. I didn't know that henna tattoos were popular in the Muslim religion. I honestly thought that they were just popular in the Hindu religion and Indian culture. Girl, school me.

    And yes, I'll definitely be posting pics of it. I'm thinking I'll probably get it done on my hand. Maybe even extending to my forearm. I just gotta go big. Lol.

  3. Yes!...and girl try getting a henna design on your feet , you know like in the summer...sexy! (LOL) I love it. take care


  4. Ooh, thanks for the great idea! I'll have to put that on my list of things to do.

  5. I started this journey to natural with every intention of locing my hair...but 2 years and 3 months later...i still haven't done it. I am Jamaican, but the people in my family have always had a negative opinion / attitude towards dreads. So here I am struggling with the detangling nightmare of bra strap length hair...and wondering should i big chop and start over or take the plunge and just start locing.

  6. @tdotcurlie - Sorry to hear that your fam is not feeling locs. I hope that whatever you choose to do with your hair is what makes "you" happy.

    Btw, are you loading your hair with conditioner and then detangling in sections?....

  7. I will do whatever suits me fine. I went natural to my mother's disdain...and there were days she said "you CANNOT be going to work with your hair like that!"...but I just kept it moving.

    Yes I am...but my hair seems to excel at producing SSK's. I did a trim / blowdry in the first week of december, but that hasn't really helped. I noticed last week when i cleansed my hair with "lemonade" (lemon juice,water and honey) then conditioned...it made a world of difference.


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