Friday, January 21, 2011


Happy Friday, Gorgeous!

I hope that you each and everyone of you has had a great week. If not, then work on making the rest of this day & weekend great! =)

I have to shout out Renee of Naima's Closet who nominated me for the Stylish Blogger award. So sweet. And surprising. I never saw it coming. Go check her blog out. I just love style blogs.

Upon finding out about my nomination, I immediately began to ponder how stylish I've been on this blog. And I couldn't think of much beyond snippets here and there, so I decided to live up more to the standards of style and share with you some things that my eyes (and heart) are set on.

But before I do that, to participate in this award, I must share with you...

Seven things about me that you may not know!

1. I an fascinated with Asia, especially Japan and their culture. I am determined to get the country within the next 10 years.
2. I still find Sean Connery sexy. Yes.
3. I can be a sucker for tears. The operative word is "can".
4. I'm way over due for a professional makeover. As in 10 yrs overdue. I'm working on it.Lol.
5. Sushi is my new food love. And yes, I'm still detoxing without it and other stuff. No worries.
6. I love love love Christian Louboutin shoes. And am determined to get me my 1st pair this year. Not sure how that will work out, but I trust that it just will. ;)
7. Definitely getting a tatto this year.

Now, onto my way of living up to my new awards standards. =)

Christian Louboutin Fifi pumps
I've fallen in love with these shoes. Normally, I'm not a big fan of lace (unless on bra/panty sets) but these right here are just lovely. I can see me sporting them with a pencil skirt and bow-tie blouse, a nice pair of trousers or trouser jeans. * In my best Gollum (Lord of the Rings) impression.* "My precious...."

Christian Louboutin Elisa pumps
  I need a new pair of black pumps and these would work so well. Just love the cut of this shoe.

Christian Louboutin Rolando Zip
 I just love the zipper detail on the back of this shoe. I really tried to find a picture showing the back but unfortunately could not. Just take my word for it. I love pieces that are simple with a touch of funk or some sort of detail. This shoe is hot!

Christian Louboutin Loubout booties
Gorgeous spring bootie. Just gorgeous. I'd rock these with any damn thing. *sighs*

7 For All Manking "Ginger" jeans

Uh, yes. Mama wants (and really needs) some trouser jeans. Love the look of these. I could wear my C.L. Fifi shoes or the Loubout booties with these so well.

Laundry by Shelli Segal "ikat" printed shirtdress
I certainly need some more dresses in my wardrobe. And I would so rock this dress. Wanna see what shoes I'd wear with it?.....
orange pumps
Not sure if these are authentic Louboutins.
I have been fienen' for some orange pumps. And they don't necessarily have to be Louboutins. Haha.

Okay, I think I've barraged you enough with some things that have me salivating. Lol. And I'm sure I'm not the only person who has some fashion/style wants.
So please share.... I'd love to know.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Right down my alley!!!(LOL) Big congrats on your award...well derserved!

    My favorite fashion style wants ( some are have's)

    I feel you on the wide leg trousers can never..ever have enough I loove them, super fly.

    I am a super huge fan of the ascot , tie blouses...sooo cute with pencil skirts , cardigans and ponchos.

    Leather clutch medium- large hanbags

    loving those shoes I hope you treat yourself to a pair...and rock them fiercely!:))

    My wants right now is a mink sleeve cape! and another mink coat :))

    Great post! take care and have a fabulous weekend!:))


  2. @Zainab1 - Ascots? That's cool. And yes, the jacket sounds sharp. I could also see that with a variety of outfits. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your list.
    Have a great weekend!


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