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Hi Beautiful Ones!

Here's what's been going on with me so far on Carolyn Akens "Body Rejuvenation Detox Program", which I started on this past Monday.

So here’s the day-by-day rundown on my experience so far:

Monday – Went well. I felt good. No cravings. No worries.

Tuesday – Woke up to a slight headache. Eventually went away. Came back for a visit & stayed later on in the day thru the bed time. Panicked a bit because I was stuck in the house and couldn’t restock on dwindling supply of produce. Did get in a nice walk outside.

Wednesday – Better day. Restocked on produce. Slight headachey off and on, but took Carolyn’s advice to drink lots of water & juice. Be glad when folks go back to school/work, so that I can really get into my meditation. Planned menu for rest of week and weekend.

I honestly haven't had any cravings. Which is a little weird because I kind of expected it. Or maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. I believe because I am being nourished with wholesome juices, smoothies and greens. Not to say that certain foods haven’t crossed my mind. Case in point: I was so excited about getting in the car and driving to the Farmer’s Market & Natural Foods Warehouse that I was about to include a trip to Whole Foods. No sooner than I thought about Whole Foods, did sushi pop into my mind. I think it just came out of my anticipation of getting out of the house after being cooped up. Either way, I quickly reminded myself about why I was doing a detox.

Here's a more detailed description on my Tuesday trip ("walk outside").
I got enough produce to get me through to Wednesday, the day I’d have more dinero to stock up til next week. As the media has shown the entire world, the South, mainly ATL, was put to a standstill by the snow, which was then topped with ice. So I slightly began to freak out come Tuesday when I looked at my dwindling stash. I ended up walking to the nearest grocery store (Kroger) for some detox tea, organic lettuce and distilled water. No biggie. I wanted to get out. And the walk was great exercise. Try walking in snow, some slush and dodging icy patches and you’ll be guaranteed a good workout. Plus it was absolutely wonderful to get some fresh air, albeit was freezing. Anyhoo, got to the store and all the lines were ridiculously long. Seriously. Let me break it down to you. When the 15 or less register’s line starts from there and ends midway in the frozen section aisle, we’ve got a problem. On top of which, the self-checkout section was totally closed because “the system needed repair”. Mk. But I digress, there was absolutely no water and the organic produce was slim pickings.

But it was all good. No worries. I kept it clean with what I had and managed to get a green smoothie and a salad out of what was left to accompany my own juice. Woo hoo!

*Side Note: Even before I embarked on this detox, I began considering going 100% vegan for a set amount of time. Like 30 days, a couple of months or so. Just so you know, it is something I’m considering. Off and on, I’ve been researching a lot of vegan cookbooks, checking their ingredients and whatnot.

Things I’ve noticed….even more.
There are WAY too many food and restaurant commercials on tv. It’s ridiculous but I do know the game of it all, so I just turn away or turn the tv off. Definitely cutting down on the media. I can see how people’s plans to live a healthier lifestyle can be thwarted and derailed by being into the television too much. My plan is to go for an entire day without the television or radio. Ideally, I’d love to shut down social media, television and radio for awhile. Not sure if I can successfully make that happen but I’m willing to give it a try.  Also, looking forward to a doing all juices for a few days of the detox.





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  1. Sounding good CO. I love your determination! Keep up the great work:) can't wait to hear more:)) take care.


  2. I love what you do! I have nominated you for a stylish blog award!

  3. @Zainab1 - Thanks!

    @Renee - Wow! Thanks Renee!

  4. I need to do a good detox too. I have been researching detox tips. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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