Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi Lovelies!

Just wanted to update you all on my "fill-in-the-blank" journey. Click here to know what I'm talking about. Still haven't settled on an official title for this series. Lol.

Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving. And while I wasn't terrible at the table, i didn't exercise until this past Tuesday. Boo. Not good but it was what it was. needless to say, i remarkably still lost a couple more lbs. I can only attribute this loss to my continues green juices, ACV elixir, green teas and such. Or maybe my metabolism is up. Or could be both. I dunno. But I'll take it! So now, I'm down to the magic ten. Ten more lbs to lose, that is. Woo hoo!!

Now let me say this: Please know that was on the cornbread dressing, greens & sweet potato casserole (and pie). No regrets though. I had a great time with the fam. But now, its back to serious business.

On Tuesday, I broke out my trusty Gilad "Best of Bodies In Motion" dvd. An oldie but goldie that's a serious workout. On Wednesday, since I didn't make it to the gym, I worked out to Jillian's "30 Day Shred" dvd. I'm feelin' this one, too. And today, since I'm up late, I'll probably end up gettin' it in w/Gilad again. I enjoy going to the gym (I enjoy some comraderie with my workouts.) but sometimes it just doesn't work out like that. It's all good though. The most important thing is that I do get some exercise in.

To help keep me motivated, I've joined VeganFitMama's "Fit Plan Pre-2011". Check it out over at her blog, "Lovin Vegan Food, Fitness & Yoga". Who knows? You may want to join the fun. And no, you don't have to be vegan, 100% vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian or whatever. I'm definitely not 100% vegan. And honestly, I'm not trying to be right now. However, I do believe in it. And I believe in being fit & healthy, which for everyone, is not living a 100% raw vegan or 100% vegan lifestyle. But that's a whole 'nother post. =)

Anyhoo, I'm excited! And once I reach my goal weight, I have other health plans. Like following a 21-day vegan diet plan. Carolyn Akens has a "Body Rejuvenation Detox Program" that I've been itching to try. I haven't spoken with her yet about following her program but I'd love to feature my progess & journey with it right here on this blog. I also plan on doing the "Healthforce Healing Cleanse" sometime in the new year.

Yep! I've got plans. I'm serious about taking the best care of this body which I've been given. I'm serious about taking care of me. Cause guess what?.... I'm worth it.
                                                                            ..............And so are you.

So Beautifuls... what are you doing for your health? For your body? For you?
You are so worth it!

Hey!! Maybe that's what I'll name this series.... "BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT". Let me know what you think of this title. I believe I'm gonna roll with it. =)



  1. Definitely, thanksgiving is

  2. Holidays are a good time for a break. I am ready to get going (until Christmas)

  3. @ABIGAIL NY - Thanks for coming thru, Abigail!

    @~L - Awesome to hear that! Would love to know what you're doing. Thanks for coming thru!


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