Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Moi. For some odd reason, I'm lovin' the grainy way this BB phone pic came out.

Hi Gorgeous Ones!

Today’s post is regarding a failed twist-out that turned into a fab updo. I honestly tried to repeat my successful twist-out from the other week, but the hair gods weren't havin' it. Lol. Alas, a save that was inspired by Food Network’s lovely, Aarti Sequeira. Out of culinary curiousity, I peeped in on her show “Aarti’s Paarti: eat.giggle.repeat.” to see what dishes she was working on. I had no idea that I’d get a hair epiphany from this episode. Unfortunately, the video for this particular episode, “Fancy Pants”, is not up yet so I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible about her hairstyle.

Aarti Sequeira.
Nope,this isn't the hairstyle. This is as close a pic as I could get to the hairstyle she was wearing on the "Fancy Pants" episode.

And I know, most of us have seen this style before, but it was such a major win for me to get that I could do this myself. Lol. It was basically an sort of messy updo. With a side part, both the left and right half of her hair was in a large, loose flat twist on each side. In the back, the two sides were gathered into a messy bun of sorts. I thought it was absolutely lovely. A great match for her bubbly personality. Anyhoo, that’s what motivated me to give it a try. I thought, “Why freakin’ not?!” Cause the twist-out definitely wasn't hittin' on anything.

And yes, the pics are in bathroom. Again. ...... I promise you all (especially myself) that next year I’m getting my Nikon D(fill-in-the-blank) and with a tripod.  And I will be a fierce picture snappin’ woman once it is in my hand. With pics beyond "the room".  Haha!!

And voila! From the basket of lemons, I made my lemonade.......

bun in the back

I am lovin' this style! It's chic and easy! I can see myself rockin' this in a cute, sundress or day dress, nice bag, cute shoes & accessories during the Spring. Haha! I'm funny. Already making detailed plans for the warmer season which is months away.

Products I used for this style:

(1) Jane Carter Solutions Revitalizing Leave-In for moisture & conditioning. I put it on 1st.

(2) Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Buttercreme for double moisture. I put on 2nd.

(2) Somebody's Grease (Unfortunately, the words on the jar have rubbed off and I just can’t remember the name of the haircare line. Not even sure if they’re still in business. Think I heard of them thru a youtube page. *hangs head* Either way, I’m trying to use it up.)- I put it on 3rd to seal.

(3) Jamaican Black Castor oil cut w/Hemp seed oil for my edges and scalp (*Note: Its amazing to me how I have the need to use oils, especially the heavier ones, during the winter. Can’t be without them right now. In the warmer months, not so much.)

I apply these products as needed. However, with it being so frickin’ cold and blustery (We’ve had windchills close to O degrees and have been stuck with freezing temps the past few days.), it’s been pretty much needed every night. If not, then every other night.

After applying these, I’ve been covering my head with a scarf at night. The next day, I just take it off and go.
I'm lovin' it!

Have you discovered any styles that you can do now?...


  1. I love it! your hair looks reeeeaaly cute :)
    Take care.


  2. alright, I think you've convinced me to give this style ago...looks so chic on you! and you used all my favorite products to achieve the do...or at least the few I already have in stash!
    *sidenote* isn't Aarti amazing!! Love her cooking, glad Food Network is diversifying just a bit.

  3. @Zainab1 - Thanks Lady!!

    @Chai - Hey Girlie! I'm happy about Food Network mixing it up, too.

  4. CO, Just wanted to share with you and your followers that I'm hosting a great give away featured is the fabulous jewerly from "Younikness", take a look . Take care.


  5. That style is really cute. I haven't done any updos. I think I am going to try one for the holidays.

  6. Beautiful! You've got me wanting to try that style with my locs now! Oh, and as for the oils...I came back with some pure-pressed castor oil from Jamaica, and it has my (and both my daughters) locs looking all fabuloucious and stuff!!

  7. @Zainab1 - I likey. I'll drop a quick post on it linking to your site.

    @NaturalReview - Thanks! I'd love to see your holiday updo.

    @Execumama - Thanks, Hon! I bet it'd look lovely on you. You're always working some really nice styles with those lovely locs of yours. And I might need to put in an order for that castor oil next time you all go back to Jamaica.

  8. Loving this look! Would have never known it was an alternate style if you didn't mention it. Oh and I want that scarf! -Nat

  9. Hey Nat!- Thanks on both! Its my fav scarf and I'm totally wearing it out. =)

  10. Didn't realize you had a blog :( You are soooooooo beautiful. xo SP

  11. @Style - Hey SP! Thanks Sweetie! Happy to have you come thru!

  12. hey it's aarti! i am so flattered that you liked that style. i just decided to that at the last minute, and truth be told, that's my last-minute 'do when my hair isn't complying. ha! i think yours looks even better!!


  13. @Aarti - You're quite welcome. I saw your hair in that episode and was totally inspired. It's funny how those last minute styles tend to work out. Thanks for coming thru. Wishing you continued success on your show.


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