Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Stand-alone Hair Dryer

Hi Lovelies!

Just dropping a quick post on ya. Wanted to show you what I finally got to add to my hair arsenal. I ordered it from the same place that I got my hair steamer from, LCL Beauty. I've already used it on my daughter. Did a much needed protein treatment on her hair. Since she gets her hair straightened 98% of the time, it is absolutely necessary to give her tresses a protein treatment.

Next I'll be doing my own hair. I don't have my Sedu flat iron yet, so I'll be doing trying a flexi-rod set on my hair. I'm pretty excited about it! I'll definitely post pics of it whether it wins or fails. =)

What have you gotten that's on your hair wishlist?....


  1. Nice, haven't made a wishlist yet!


  2. LOVE IT! I cant wait to hear and see your results. The hooded dryers come very handy I've been using mine for my roller sets!

    How's your steamer holding up? I plan to order mine from the very same company. Thanks for sharing this CO, take care:)


  3. @Abigail - It's cool. Thanks for coming thru.

    @Zainab1 - The steamer's holding up well. I've gotta get out today and purchase some more flexi-rods cause I wanna give the rod-set a try tomorrow. Can't wait. And even if it comes out funky, I'm looking forward to what I can come up for a save.

  4. I bought that same hair dryer! Got it right next to my steamer now. LOL!..I'm having trouble with the stand though. The bottom screw won't hold right so I'm gonna take it to the hardware store and get a bigger one. How's your stand holding up?

  5. @Tina - Hey Tina-girl! Hope you've been well. Hope you find the right screw.

    Did you contact the company? I had to do that with my steamer because it kept leaking from the little stopper thingy, and they were very quick to send me several replacements.

  6. I sent an email but no one got back to me. I guess I can try to call next week if I can't get the hardware guy to fix it for me. Have a great holiday!!!


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