Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The crew from the original Star Trek series (aired 1966-1969)

Okay. Not exactly "where no one has gone before", but definitely a new arena for me. The arena of rollersets, that is.

So…remember my recent hair dryer purchase. Well, I’ve since tested it out with protein treatments for my daughter and myself.  Aannnnd.... *drumroll please*,  I also tried my hand at my 1st flexi-rod set.

I think I did pretty good as a first-timer. Just a few areas that I will be sure to address the next time.
For instance, in some places, I set it a bit tight so my head is a little sore here and there. Secondly, I definitely have to improve on my endpaper threading skills. I can't tell you how many times I had to redo the ends. I also made the mistake of using too much tension to rod a tiny bundle of strands that I missed when setting some hair on a big roller. Lazily, instead of simply redoing the large rollerset to include the tiny bundle, I used one of the small, red flexi-rods, which lead to a few strands getting uh, "lost in the fire".

I also learned to use a smaller amount of setting solution next time. I used way too much on most sections which led to some straight-out-the-gate product build-up.

What can I say?.....
Lesson learned.

And lastly, the next time I attempt this set will be during the daytime. This took a while. I promise you, I was all but ready to throw in the towel and just twist the rest of my hair, halfway thru the process. But I chose to tough it out and ride it all the way to the end.

I have to admit that I kinda wanted to go somewhere after removing the flexi-rods and separating the curls a bit. =)

Products Used:

Mop Leave-In Conditioner (Curlmart or Ulta stores)

Jane Carter Solution “Wrap & Roll” (JaneCarterSolution.com, Curlmart, most natural health stores)

Jane Carter Solution “Hair Nourishing Serum”

Purple, blue, orange and red flexi-rods. (Any beauty supply place store)

Products I plan to use next time:

Jane Cater Solution “Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner” in place of Mop leave-in

And a small amount of whatever pomade I purchase by then to smooth the flyaways.

If any of you, have successfully done a flexi-rod set, please share what you did. Or share what & if you tried anything different.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your casualtioes :-(

    The hair, however, is beautiful. The curls look so uniform and even. It looks like you put a lot of time into it.

    I've never tried flexirods but this post makes me wanna try. I've been into Lock Loops lately and those curls turn out pretty well.

  2. I looove this! it really turned out very nice! honestly CO, you would have never known about the little mishaps you experienced, by viewing how nice your hair looks.....fabulous!

    BTW, How did you like the jane carter wrap&roll. I've thought about trying that for my roller sets I know you mentioned not to use a lot. But, besides that what are your overall thoughts on this product?

    Thanks for sharing! take care:)


  3. @nappy headed black girl - Thanks! I actually found the "lost strands" a bit comical. And yes, it felt like it took forever but I do understand that that was probably because it was my 1st time trying it. Btw, Lock Loops sound really pretty.

    @Zainab1 - Hey Lady! And thanks! I do like her Wrap & Roll product. As a matter of fact, I kind of expected my hair to be a little crunchy seeing as I used my dryer for most of the drying time. But it left my hair soft, touchable, and with great hold. Can't wait to give it another try.

  4. Great! CO. Thanks for responding I think I may give it a go. Take care:)


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