Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Shameless bathroom shot I
Hola Beautiful Ones!
You know, I find it quite funny how right after I mentioned not doing many hair posts anymore here, and no sooner than the words were uttered (in cyberspace) I had a re-motivation and re-inspiration to posts on hair. Smh. Interesting to say the least. What makes this even more funny is that its to the point where I've gone back to taking pics in the bathroom mirror (something I did in earlier years) cause I'm too embarrased to ask my daughter to take another shot of my hair. And also, because I haven't received my Nikon D60, D5000, D3100 or whichever one the Universe chooses to give me. =)

But anyhoo, my point is after having twisted my hair into smaller sections, I took it down to have the most fabulous & awesomest twist-out evah!!

Shameless bathroom photo II. I really should be embarassed by this.
I took these pics in Gatlinburg, TN over the weekend. My daughter had a cheer competition (Jamfest) to attend and one of the parents had gotten a sweet deal on a cabin----in the mountains. Will discuss the significance of this in Friday's post.

The weather was cold with an overcast. Think hi/lo's of 30's and teens. Yes! Of course, I thought about putting my hair in a bun but I kept looking at it thinking, "This is just way too awesome to cover! This must been seen & shared with the world!" Lol. So I kept it out.
Covered it with my trusty tam and tucked the ends in my coat when I was outside. Uh, mostly on Sunday.

Saturday, I got caught without my hat and my hair got sprinkled on a bit by a little rain, sleet and snow. No worries on my part though. When I had originally twisted my hair, I kept it pretty well-moisturized with some Jane Carter Revitalizing conditioner topped with Qhemet's Burdock Root Buttercreme topped with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Mainly focusing on the 2 to 3 inches worth of ends. At first, I thought I may have done to much but it did my hair alot of good and helped in that Gatlinburg weather.

 No. Actually this one. See the wet towels hanging in the back. OMG no! The roll of  toilet tissue.  *Smh.
My hair, and its ends, held up pretty well. And yes, I moisturized and sealed that girl every night (and morning) we were there.

Ridiculous bathroom shot IV. Just wow. I really wanted this shot, huh. *Smdh
Since getting back, I plan on deep conditioning this week with my Black Friday purchase, the Komaza Care Intense Moisture Therapy. So expect a review on it in a couple of weeks or so.

 Look! See! I cropped it...  I know. I've got it bad. Lol.
From here on out, I'm definitely sticking with the smaller twists for a great twist-out.

Hope you all enjoyed!
Peace out,


  1. Girl, we ain't lookin' at yo bathroom, but at your MAGNIFICENT hair!! That twistout makes me regret cutting my 9 inches of hair last summer!!! My twist outs didn't look like this! WHYYYYYYYY??! :( jealousy rising....

  2. First let me say your hair is looking good...fabulous! second, I love the title of this post...Evah ! (lol) love it!

    Cant wait to hear your review on your conditioner. And keep those pictures coming.Your hair looking this fabulous will surely be a inspiration to others :)

    Take care, CO


  3. Daaaaaaaaaaanng, that's fly! Indeed, that's the HOTTEST twist-out!! If I still had my hair unloc'd, I'd be running out to grab the Master Recipe you posted, b/c the results are FIERCE!!

  4. @Anna Renee - Lol. It's hair, those 9 inches will grow back.

    @Zainab1 - Thanks Zainab1. Girl, you know I appreciate your presence here.

    @Wonder Curl - Hey Lady! Thanks! And thanks for coming thru.

    @Execumama - Thanks Girl! =)

  5. That is one lush, coily, beautiful twist out, CO!!!! And of course, I am drooling over your nail polish!!!

  6. Heeeeyyy Miss Moon! Thank ya, Dahling. =)


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