Friday, December 17, 2010


My Current (and growing) Obsession - Nail Polish

It happened so suddenly. I was perusing through a magazine. Maybe it was “O”,“Essence” or "Style" magazine. I dunno. Not sure, but when I saw that Tracy Reese had a line of nail polish from partnering with Sally Hansen, I got a little excited. I like Tracy Reese’s clothing line, so my interest was totally peaked with the idea of her dabbling in nail polish. I caught a glimpse of her fall 2010 polish line and really wanted in on the action.

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fall 2010 line. Picture from
 Evening Fog”, “Fedora”, and “Wet Clay”. By the way, why can’t I find any of these friggin' colors?! Was this a limited edition line? *Frustrating!* This is upsetting to me seeing as there are three of this line, in particular, that need to be in my growing family of polishes. If anyone knows where to get these particular colors, please let me know. I am even willing to purchase them online. Yes... I am.

So I went to my local Walgreens and spotted their stash of Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure and commenced to shopping.

Now, it innocently began with my search for a gray nail polish.

How it morphed into me hording various nail polish colors beats me. It's like a switch was turned on in me.

So ended up purchasing the “Commander in Chic”. Not exactly gray but I thought it was rather cute and would look good on my hands. Then I remembered that I was looking for gray, so I ended up purchasing “Pedal to the Metal”. It was close to gray, well..more like a metallic lavender-ish, gray.

Still not a definite gray. So I went back.
"Navy Baby"
And instantly fell in love with “Navy Baby”. So chic and a little bit "rocker-chickishHaha! Problem solved.

*Ooh, I got issues.*
Oh, but I still haven’t purchased the gray nail polish color that I want. So I went back and ended up walking out with “Nude” because everybody needs a nude nail polish color, right? Damn! Gotta go back. And it’s gray. Gray! So I’ve got my focus, right? And I’m looking for gray but I don’t see any. Not to be outdone, I purchased a beautiful red in its place. Cause every woman needs some red something in her life.  And oh, my God! This color is soooo gorgeous on!
"Red Zin"


Okay, so it’s almost nothing left to get but gray. Haven’t found it in this particular nail polish line, so I’m thinking I need to branch out to other lines, like Essie. I will try to pick it up this weekend but please….

Don’t judge me if it’s not gray.  ;)

Anybody else out there obsessed with nail polish?....


  1. YES!!!! SURE AM!!!! I just recently began to love doing my nails more often. I had stopped for a while...but , now its back into my life and I love it! I have a whole bag full of my favorite nail polishes :))

    Its funny you did this post because my next post is very similiar, great minds think alike:)) Take care.

  2. @Zainab1 - Haha! A whole bag? I love it! Hopefully, I'll reach bag status before the end of the year. Lol.

  3. Hi Chocolate Orchid. If you are looking for a dove grey color for fall you must try opi at The grey shade is called run with it and I must say that it is to die for. This is my go to shade for all seasons. Love, Love, Love all of the shade offerings for OPI by Sephora. A bottle of polish is about $9.00, but it lasts a long, long time.


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