Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This pic of a mini-cooper (from The Benny's Lullaby blog) has absolutely no relevance, outside of the term "mini", to this post. I just think that they are one of the most adorable cars around. ;)

Hola Beautiful Ones!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And if you don't celebrate it, I hope that you had some wonderful days off. For Black Friday, I hit up Sage Naturalceuticals and purchased Komaza Care's Intense Moisture Therapy for a deep treatment. I'm all out of my tried and true Hairveda SitriNilla Deep Conditioner, so I'm giving this one a whirl. I've used Komaza Care's Hair Nourishment Oil and loved it. So I expect nothing less from this product. I'll definitely let you all know what I think about it. I'm already lovin' the scent. But I'll save all that for my official review of the product.

And yes. That was all I purchased. Now don't go to thinking that I'm so good and was all that restrained. It was simply a matter of this is what I can afford right now. Trust me. If I had had the room in my budget, I would've purchased a styling butter (for twists/braids) since I'm just about out and about 2 to 3 oils. Winter time brings out the oil-rinser in me. Not to mention having to stay on top of sealing my ends and my skin after getting out of the shower.

This is my attempt to do mini-twists in my hair. A part of my goal was to do a protective style that I could do buns, ponytails and updo's with. The other part of my reason behind this style was to give me enough time for my stand-alone hairdryer and flat iron to arrive. That's of course, after they've been order. Lol. And lastly, because I wanted something different.

Now as you can see, they are small-er, but not so mini. Lol.

Well, actually some of them are mini and some are not. I ended up re-twisting a couple in the back because they were way too thick. I think that they are still a bit too big but "Oh, well". I'm not doing this over.

I had actually wanted to wear my hair straight for the holidays but given that it rained some, I'm not bummed out about it. However, I'm wanting to sport the straight look for New Year's Eve. Where ever I go to celebrate and bring in the new year, I envision myself wearing a dress similar to this one on Halle along w/straight tresses.  

Catch is, because I only straighten my hair twice (at most) a year, it's bound to "blow up" on me in a party type setting. Thus negating all the time spent on straightening it in the first place. Haha! It's cool though. I'll deal with it.

What's going on in your hair world?...


  1. cool..cant wait to hear your review. I'm so with you on spending just whats needed at this point on hair products. I did well for the blk friday sales. My PJ'ism has indeed slowed down a lot, thankfully. I think its because I have really found a few staple products that is doing a great job and that makes my hair super happy. So there is no need to try...try..try, you know what I mean. I am now working on a few staples that will work great in my 13 year olds natural, but I think we are on to something :) my other two girls are able to use what I use , thank god. so all of this has helped me a bit in the pockets :)

    Your hair is looking fabulous, as usual :) take care CO.


  2. I'm so jealous! I was in Atlanta for the week but never made it to Sage Naturalceuticals. :( I also kept my black friday purchases in check, only buying from Qhemet Biologics. I stocked up on two burdock root butter creams and also bought a tea tree pomade to test out. I'm considering getting a pomade like Oyin burnt sugar or the new Curls passion fruit one, but we'll see. I also considering getting some kind of pudding like the komaza care coconut pudding, but I figured it could wait since I don't wear my hair out much in winter anyway.

  3. @Zainab1 - So glad that you've found staple products. Its such a great feeling to knowing you've got products on hand that work for your hair.

    @Moni - Sounds like you got some great products. Still lovin' Qhemet's line.


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