Thursday, November 18, 2010


I recently got back on my journey to healthier, more fit me. As I mentioned here , I've had to rededicate myself to my original desired lifestyle. Chronicling this specific journey here on this blog will be part of the changes that I mentioned before.

So let’s start with my basics. My goal was/is to lose 20lbs. So far, I’ve lost 8 of those lbs, which is *sings like Oprah*AWESOOMMME!!” I’m almost down to the magic ten. Woo hoo!!

What have I been doing to get there?.....

Well, first off, I made up my mind to do this. Nothing can be done, started or achieved without first making that concrete decision to do it. From there, I went back to the super affordable, highly doable Arden’s Garden two-day detox. Cost around $30. Because I cannot fathom doing a detox without it, I added green juices to the mix. Did I finish? Yes. Did I slip? Yes. But got right back on the wagon & kept it moving without judgment.

After doing this detox, I had more of a handle on my eating habits. On top of mainly eating whole unprocessed/low-processed foods, I’m doing a lot of juices & shakes (Vega Sport). I’m taking advantage of my stash of Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green. Awesome green powder! And I’ve also been using a couple more of their products that I found at the check-out line in a Whole Foods store.

Aren’t they adorable?... I took these pics so you could see how little they are in comparison to the regular bottle of Vitamineral Green. Anyhoo. Their “Fruits of the Earth” and “Earth” are the other foods I’m trying. I really am liking them both and hope to purchase them (and more) full-size one day.

I’ve also been taking my ass to the gym (and working it out at home) on the regular. I pretty much workout Tues-Fri. Soon, I’ll end up adding a weekend day for jogging. Gotta prepare for the Peachtree Road Race, Beh-bay!

Unfortunately, I have yet to get some colonics in. Just not in my budget right now. Maybe, I’ll start a “Colon Collection ” or “Colonics Fund”. Haha!!

Oh, I almost forgot! I’ve also begun taking daily swigs of ACV in distilled water. You can read about Apple Cider Vinegar and its benefits here.
During this time, I’ve begun to feel really energized. The sinus infection that was wreaking havoc on me is nearly a distant memory. Also, in thanks to New Chapters “Sinus Take Care” herbal defense. So I'm really feeling awesomely well. =)
I plan on posting about this aspect of my journey each week. Haven’t settled on a concrete title just yet. One of my fav jams is Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack”, so it could be a variation of that song title something like “Bringing Sexy Back”, “Bringing Healthy Back” or something totally different. 
I dunno. I’m so undecided on that.
What do you think?......

What do you think?......


  1. Yaaay!! Congrats To you... Good Luck with reaching your Goal.

  2. You rock on girl!!!!!.... that is super exciting ! ...I wish nothing less than the absolute best!...keep us posted.


  3. I'm sure you were always sexy so why not "Bringing Healthy Back" instead?

  4. @Myosha Kiki - Thanks Cuz! You and so many others help to keep me motivated.

    @Zainab1 - Thanks Lady! I appreciate the encouragement.

    @Natasha - Thanks for your input Natasha. Hopefully, I'll get an idea and/or choose by the end of the weekend.

  5. I am currently dedicating myself to a healthier life. I've eased myself into, but I am ready to put more focus into. My friend and I are going to kick it off with a 7 day vegan challenge.

  6. @NaturalReview - A 7-day vegan challenge sounds awesome! I've been considering eating 100% vegan for 21 days after I reach my goal. May do it the closer I get to my goal but its definitely something I'll be doing in the near future.
    Please let me know how it goes. I need all the input on experiences that I can get.


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