Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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Hi Beautiful Ones!

Here's another way that I've incorporated essential oils into my treatment for sinus issues. This method is by using steam inhalation, which is basically adding a certain amount of essential oil(s) to hot water and allowing it to enter the body via steam transport.

Luckily, some years ago, my daughter received a facial steamer as a gift. Or either I purchased it. Can't quite remember which one. Lol.  It really is a fun item to use. Especially when you want to have your own spa day or moment. Rosy Cheeks facial sauna

Here's what I do. I fill the evaporation bowl of the facial sauna. Then I add the following essential oils to it:

Tea Tree       1 drop
Eucalyptus     2 drops

*Got the above mix from this article on ehow. I then turn on the steamer, place my head at the opening for the face and cover my head and upper body with a towel.
As far as opening your nasal passages, it works really well. I try to do this before I go to bed and in the morning.

I plan on using the following steam inhalation recipe tonight right before I go to bed.

Rosemary     3 drops
Thyme          1 drop
Peppermint   1 drop

* I got this one from my fav essential oil book The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.



  1. This sounds great ! Keep us posted on your results, and thanks so very much for sharing this. Sinuses are on the rise right now. I guess its the season. I don't know but mine has been acting up as well. Take care


  2. Definitely will keep everyone posted.

    Its getting better, thank God. At this point its just slight congestion. I certainly attribute it to me needing to go forth w/my cleanse. When I was eating better, I stopped having seasonal sinus issues. What I'm dealing with now shows me that I need to clean out. I hope to begin it this weekend.

  3. Hi, I was on a restricted diet for food allergies, and felt great. I discontinued because I wasn't eating enough of what I was suppose to eat and lost to much weight. Now that I'm not on the diet and the weather is changing it's becoming a problem again. I remember awhile back my husband purchase a few different essetianl oils, and we use to add it to the water that we used to mop the house with. The essential oils will leave a lingering smell in your house which will also open up your sinuses. You can also add to bath water. I hope this helps someone.

    J. Roache

  4. @innerbeauty - Love it! Bath water with essential oils sounds awesome. I also like the idea of adding essential oils to mop water. I'll have to try this.

    Thanks for coming thru!


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