Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Hi Beautiful Ones!

Just had to share this quick post on a natural remedy. A few weeks ago, I burned my thumb as I was pulling one of the racks out of a hot oven. Immediately, my skin turned white and became quite tender. I immediately put my thumb under some cold running water to slow the burn. But in the midst of that, I was concerned about the injury blistering up. That would have been an issue for me seeing as a hair wash day was approaching. Ain't I funny. Concerned about being able to handle my hair.

So I consulted one of the books in my library, The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, by Valerie Ann Worwood for a remedy. Here's what I found and did:

German Chamomile flowers
Took a small piece of gauze and soaked it in ice-cold water. Then I added 1 drop of the essential oils of lavender (natural antibiotic) and Chamomile (German) to the soaked gauze and applied to the burned area as a compress. I cannot tell you the exact amount of time that I kept in on my injury but I will guess-timate about an hour.

The result: The pain was remarkably gone and the injury did not blister up. As a matter of fact, by the next day I saw no signs of the burn.

Essential Oils for Treating Burns
Chamomile Roman
Chamomile German

Fyi: Use 1 drop of oil for each square inch of skin affected.

Synergistic Blend for Treating Burns
Lavender                                10 drops
Chamomile German                10 drops
Chamomile Roman                   5 drops
Mix these together in this proportion.

Hope this helps someone.

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