Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi Beautiful Ones!

So by now, you all know that I've gotten bored with the regular twist-out/braid-out styles. If not, you can read it here. I've been playing with some different styles since I haven't gotten my stand-alone hair dryer or flat iron yet.

Here's what I came up with that I'm absolutely lovin'. Oh, and please excuse the dullness of these photos. I'm still taking pics with my phone's camera 'til I get a real cam.

I was trippin' on how I could see the henna in my hair so well in this photo. Haha.

Here are a couple of back-views from different angles.

Sorry about this last photo. I really was trying to take some pics to show this style off but alas, I am not a professional. Though experience has definitely taught me to stay away from that light. Lol.

This is basically an old (6 days) twist-out that I pinned up into a cute little funky style that I'm really feelin'. I was inspired by youtube's Chiselle Couture's "Sassy and Sexy Updo" video. I used her criss-cross method to secure my hair in the back and it worked really well. Here's the link to the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhCT_kBi8Fs

Have you all tried anything new or different lately?....


  1. Very cute! looks very nice on you, I likie :)
    Thanks for sharing. take care


  2. Gorgeous!! Your hair looks super healthy, mama!

  3. @Zainab1 and @Execumama - Thanks Ladies!


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