Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This summer has been particularly cruel with the level of humidity in the air. There was no way to run or hide from it, especially being in the South. At a certain point, you just have to accept it, deal as best as you can with it and move on. I’ve sported an unintended fro because it. (And I must say that although it was unintended, I still liked it!)

To get the definition back; I broke out Boutique de Fleurzty’s Curls Nurture Cream and Hydrating Hair Butter to save the day. I was quite happy with the outcome. The definition was back and it left my hair soft. Not only did it help to re-hydrate my tresses, it also helped a bit with stretch. Now let me say that with the amount of humidity and heat we’ve had, frizzy (or poofy hair as my daughter says) is inevitable but these products undeniably helped me during a crunch time. And that, I feel, says a lot about them. And just as important, the ingredients are all natural.


Curls Nurture Cream

Has a nice, light and somewhat fruity scent. Least to me.

Low to medium hold

Consistency is like a light creamy paste (if that makes any sense).

Hydrating Hair Butter

I like the scent. The one I purchased was the Lemon-Ylang Ylang scent.

It’s a very rich butter that is not whipped. Contains mango butter, kokum butter and shea butter. I’ve even used it for my body and it left my skin so soft.

I like these products for separate use and together. The two of them are awesome when combined. Definitely a moisturizing power house duo.

I also use and love the Boutique de Fleurzty’s Nurturing Treatment Oil. I love the lavender-jasmine scent of it. I’ve used it to do oil rinses but love sealing with it the best. I just love for the scent to linger around a bit.

The Hair and Scalp Serum was used up a long time ago. I’m not a big scalp oiler so I used this mostly on my daughter. We both love the smell of it. And as I stated before, it was used up quite quickly.

To give Boutique de Fleurzty products a try, go here.
Ooh! Btw, they are currently closed for restocking but you can look at all the wonderful ingredients in the products.


  1. Great review!...I must give her line a try!

    Thanks for sharing this...take care:)


  2. Great! Thank you for the review. I am glad the products work effectively for you! Now of course you know I want to see pictures :))))

  3. @Zainab1 - My pleasure!

    @Fleurzty - Hon, I'll work on it. Lol. Right now, I have to rely on my trusty blackberry for photos.


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