Thursday, September 9, 2010


Let's see what energy producing foods our monthly contributor, Carolyn Akens,  has to share with us....

Energy Producing Foods

Hot Foods: Cayenne, garlic, ginger, radishes, other hot peppers, etc. are great for digestion, circulation, inflammation, blood movers, etc. Fresh is best!

All raw nuts & seeds: High in essential fatty acids. 3-4 Brazil nuts per day, they prevent muscle loss, and help build muscle. Sunflower seeds are very high in B vitamins; they easily convert glycogen (stored energy) into glucose when needed.

Flax Seeds/Oil: Incredible Essential fat. Crucial for everyone, especially athletes.

Avocado: Extremely nutritious fat, aids in building muscle. Eat at least 3 per week.

Sea Salt: Not all sea salts are the same. A high quality one provides loads of trace and electrolyte minerals. Especially the minerals lost in sweat. A high quality sea salt starts digesting anything it touches and brings fluid balance inside the body. My favorites are Celtic Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Pins Sea Salt.

Carolyn Akens is a gracious and lovely contributor of Carolyn's Corner here on ChocolateOrchid blogspot. Carolyn is also a certified master raw foods chef and instructor. She offers raw foods classes, raw foods chef and instructor certifications and a weight-loss program.

Carolyn is also the creator of the deliciously healthy Agape Nutrition Bars.

Agape Nutrition Bars™ is a "breakfast-on-the-go or a healthy snack anytime!"

Carolyn Akens contact info:

Website: Carolyns Raw Foods




Phone: (678) 807-9187

Visit for information on Health Coaching, Raw Food Classes & Workshops, Raw Chef & Instructor Certifications, and my Speaking Engagements.

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  1. Great post!!!...thanks so very much for sharing:)

    Take care.

  2. Thank u Carolyn Akens & ChocolateOrchid, gr8 info!

  3. Great info! I've been trying to incorporate more of these types of foods in my diet. I recently made the switch to Himalayan pink salt after finding out how much better it is for you! I got mine from Sustainable Sourcing and really love it.


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